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  1. AkaneFukuyama

    RMMV YEP_PartySystem Formation - Faces not appearing when moving.

    ... Hmm.. I tried this plugin waaay back when.. It sure does do that.. My way of fixing it is that instead of opening the formation menu via the included PLUGIN COMMAND, I'd just open the Main Menu and add / remove a party member via the Formation Option, because the main menu loads all the...
  2. AkaneFukuyama

    Please tell as to whether these different RPG Maker resources are compatible with each other

    From what I can tell, these all seemed like the DLC Tilesets with the Medieval-ish setting while the other has the Japanese Settings? I think it's possible that they can go together too, but.. I agree with with what @Jorgesias said.. I would make sure to match the color tone of each tilesets. It...
  3. AkaneFukuyama

    How many heroes do you use?

    Yes, that's true. I could not agree more with this, because of how much I love Worldbuilding.. I remember thou, when at first, I just started out with one main character for prologue of the first story, and the numbers keep increasing by one in each new chapter of that story, finally got a total...
  4. AkaneFukuyama

    How many heroes do you use?

    Thanks! To quite tell the truth, since it's Arc-based, there are times when some, if not ALL of those characters won't even appear in the next or future part of the story.. They just... sit there in the ACTORS database.. So sometimes, I feel as though it's a shame that I wrote a backstory for a...
  5. AkaneFukuyama

    How many heroes do you use?

    .. This time around, I have planned of.. 100+.. But in terms of Main Casts, I have like.. 10-20+. Of course, ALL of them are just PLAYABLE (at least temporarily..) For example, you're in this CHAPTER, and in this chapter, you go to this area where some of those playable characters are...
  6. AkaneFukuyama

    About buying DLC Expansion Packs from steam..

    Ah I see..alright then. I've no hesitation. Im gonna buy the packs. Thank you very much.
  7. AkaneFukuyama

    About buying DLC Expansion Packs from steam..

    I recently bought the RPG MAKER MV Bundle since it was on sale and im currently downloading it.. (Our internet is slow) I'm planning to buy the Japanese Expansion Pack 1 Generator Parts (gonna buy 2 and 3 soon) and the Kids Generator Parts Supposed i buy these.. Do i need to add them manually...
  8. AkaneFukuyama

    Where do i find enemy battler sprite?

    hiddenone has a lot of animated SV ENEMY SPRITES if thats what you're looking for. Why not try and check out his stuffs?
  9. AkaneFukuyama

    Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    I saw a DEAD WOLF over at archeia's here.. is that good?
  10. AkaneFukuyama

    One-Shoulder Capelet GENERATOR Resource

    I don't know if someone already posted or requested this, but and its my first time requesting for a resource.. Im looking for a capelet for one shoulder.. for image reference, this is the kind of cape im looking for.. I'd be glad if someone could refer me to an already existing resource...

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