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  1. FlatDragon

    Adding Gold Display to Window_MenuStatus

    I'm still quite new to plugin development and I decided to make a few plugins of my own that probably already exist, but for learning purposes I decided to built them myself from scratch. A problem I ran into with my FAE_SingleActorMenu.js plugin is that I can't get the Gold to display on...
  2. FlatDragon

    Display Variable on screen at all times?

    A friend and I are working together on a project that allows the player to battle multiple times based on a variable of their choosing. This is set up in a way that there are no rewards for each individual battle but instead checks how many battles were completed before this variable reached...
  3. FlatDragon

    Deployment to PS4 - Is it possible?

    First and foremost - I apologize if this wasn't the correct category for this specific question. Looking through the front page of the forums I couldn't seem to find a better location, so I chose this one. Sorry if I missed something in that regard. Now for the main topic - I'm a PS4 gamer...

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