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  1. Mithran

    Echoes of Aetheria

    Hey everyone! For those of you that have been wondering what has been taking up most of my time for the past 18 months, here it is! 1.5 years in the making, this is our biggest and best RPG by a long shot, starting small and whimsical and growing into a massive campaign. The best of old meets...
  2. Mithran

    Hidden Game.exe Crash Debugger - Graphical Object Global Reference ACE

    Graphical Object Global Reference VX ACE (game.exe crash debugger) by Mithran NOTICE: This is the VX ACE version of the script. For the VX Version go HERE Introduction Well, it looks like VX Ace isn't completely immune from this problem after all. The root cause appears to be the same, but there...
  3. Mithran

    Support: Game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

    This topic is to address the causes and possible solutions to the infamous "random" Game.exe crashes of RGSS2 player (RPG Maker VX). This is for RGSS2 / RPG Maker VX only, and does not apply to the other makers. This thread is for those who have encountered an error similar to this: This...
  4. Mithran

    Swap Actor

    Swap Actor by Mithran Introduction VX Ace added "designation by variables" for actors in many places where it was absent from VX, but it is still missing from a few key places that would make eventing some systems just a little bit easier. Features - Allows use of an actor which will...
  5. Mithran

    Graphical Object Global Reference

    Graphical Object Global Reference VX (game.exe crash debugger) by Mithran NOTICE: This is the VX version of the script. For the VX ACE Version go HERE Introduction Getting seemingly random and yet occasionally predictable Game.exe crashes? "Game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close"...
  6. Mithran

    Text Cache

    Text Cache v 1.03 by Mithran Introduction VX Ace is a huge improvement over VX in many different ways. However, although text processing has a number of new features, it has also introduced a number of new bugs. - Text is squeezed when drawn to the rect given by text_size. Subsequent text...

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