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  1. Rexal's SVAnimatedEnemies

    I'm using the aforementioned plugin, and it works very well. The only problem is, when I move the enemy's anchor point, the shadow and weapon animation stay put. As you can imagine, this produces some weird results. I can't seem to find any notetags that would allow me to move the shadow, and I...
  2. Character Texture Pack for MV

    I was just wondering if somebody could make or tell me where to find a character texure pack for MV that would make the characters less... anime? I still want the 8-bit style obviously, nothing really realistic, just something kind of Pokémon-esque. Thanks guys! P.S. I'm not trying to recreate...
  3. Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies not working

    I have both the YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies.js and the YEP_BattleEngineCore.js, but when I have it on in battles only the enemy is shown in side battle mode, on the middle of the screen. I can attack him and it shows him taking damage and he fights back, and the battle goes through as normal, with...

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