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  1. Syberduh

    There must be a better way to structure this code

    Newbie coder question: Below is code for flickering torchlight. The result is reasonably good but I'm more interested in the structure of the code. It's based on two independent variables (one for torch brightness and one for how long the torch stays at a particular brightness). It's currently...
  2. Syberduh

    RMMZ Escape From Cygnus (2021 Touch the Stars Game Jam)

    Download here Originally conceived for the Touch the Stars game jam, this one was unfortunately not ready for release by the deadline. I still wanted to share it, though. Playable in 15-20 minutes. SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS Trailer Featuring Core Engine VisuStella MZ...

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The new Dune movie reminds me of the game Dune 2 made by Westwood. A quality product on its own, but extremely disloyal to its source of inspiration.
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My washing machine is a supernatural being. I lost a piece of clothing in there a month ago; searched up and down, inside other clothes, nothing. It just vanished.
Today, put in a new load. When I pull it out, the missing clothing is back! And a sock was sacrificed in the process :yswt2:

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