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  1. Alphamega

    Battle Command Menu changes, compatible with YEP_EquipBattleSkills

    I'm trying to change the Battle command options to show: Attack (which will change depending on skills), Skills, Signature Skills, Items. I currently have this working by using this plugin:  The battle commands work exactly as i want them too, the problem occurs when i try to use this...
  2. Alphamega

    Formula that checks the total enemies in battle

    I'm trying to make a taunt skill, that gives the user a stacking defence buff for each enemy effected by the taunt (which is all enemies). I am using Yanflys Taunt plugin, and Buffs/States Core plugin for the stackable buffs. I have the taunt working perfectly. I even have another skill where...
  3. Alphamega

    Script call to check if the player is in battle.

    Hi. This is my first post so I apologise if it Isn't exactly clear what I am asking for, but I'll try my best. I am trying to make an item work differently when in battle. I have made the item run a common event, which has a conditional branch. That's where I get stuck. After much experimenting...

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