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  1. How to remove blur?

    I've made the change to the index.html and got the desired result for the images on the screen - it works absolutely perfectly but there's one small issue and I'm not sure how to work around it. While the images are scaling fine, the font is becoming pixelated when I actually want that to remain...
  2. Flicker when switching images

    You were right. After a bit more testing and trying, I managed to make it work, oddly, by adding a small 'wait' in between loading each image in the common event. For some reason it doesn't work if you don't include a wait command, and the wait also can't be too short or you get an error. Still...
  3. Flicker when switching images

    Hi all, I've encountered a strange issue when testing out my game and it's quite a major one for me. My project relies heavily on creating simple 'animations' on-screen by switching between pictures with a 'wait' delay. The game is unusual in the way that most of the gameplay is presented...

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