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  1. SinfulPride

    Hime Equip Slots

    So, er, I wanted to use Hime's Equip slots to add more then 2 different weapon types, it worked, however I'm stuck with a problem. Originally I was going to make 3 different names for slots of weapons, and give it to all the weapons, but, it doesn't work with Yanfly's item core, even with Hime's...
  2. SinfulPride

    FREE Untitled Project (With some racial/political/religious/dark themes)

    PROGRAM USED: RPG Maker MV GENRE: Fantasy ROLES NEEDED Mappers Spriters/Busts/Skill Animation Drawer Formulas (I'm not exactly the best at finding the propper formulas for skill damage and everything like that so having one would help. Scene Designer Composer Plot/Dialogue Writer (This isn't...
  3. SinfulPride

    Question about skills

    So basically I wanted to know how I would go about doing this. I have a skill that's physical and a person who is immune to physical attacks, but if the attacker has a specific state, it will add another element (or change?) And be able to attack the defender.
  4. SinfulPride

    Skill help

    So basically I was trying to make a skill, similar to "that time I got reincarnated as a slime" where he can learn skill from the enemies he absorbs. I wanted to make something similar, where the one specific character uses the skill on an enemy when low on health, it would let you learn their...
  5. SinfulPride

    FREE Fan Made One Piece Game (Anime) [RMMV]

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: For those of you who are unaware, One Piece is an anime by Eiichiro Oda. It is about a group of pirates sailing to find the one piece, which is a treasure left by the king of pirates. Anyone who finds said treasure becomes the new king of the pirates. In the...
  6. SinfulPride

    State/Skills Help

    So basically I'm making a game where if the user is affected by a state, then the user will have a different elemental attack type. I've tried everything I can think of, and I'm not really sure what to do so I came here for help.
  7. SinfulPride

    FREE Recruiting for a Full Length RPG

    This game is at the beginning stages of development, I have only started on a story. Title is a WIP, as I'm still trying to think of the best possible name for it. What I will do: Write the story, do most of the scripting/game design/story/Eventing This game will be made with RPG maker...
  8. SinfulPride

    Kind of newbie question

    So, I've never really made a game before, but I wanted to start a game out but am having trouble starting out. I'm not sure what the best options for some things are.. So basically I want to make a game similar to.. Sao/Log Horizon. But basically, people chose to live their life inside a MMO...
  9. SinfulPride

    Re:Zero Life in Another World Game.

    Hello everyone! I have started making a Re:Zero game with RPG maker mv. As of now, all I have is a video intro, which leads into a custom title screen. Then Subaru starts at the store, gets the ramen and chips, pays for it and leaves. Then wakes up in the re zero world. I haven't started mapping...
  10. SinfulPride

    Hello everyone!

    Hey! I'm SinfulPride. I'm a 19 year old college student. I'm currently working on getting my associates degree in Web Design/Game Coding, and will soon go for my bachelors in Cyber Defense. I recently decided to buy RPG Maker MV to try and make some games. Can't wait to meet some of you!

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