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  1. Bug in Javascript plugin

    Hello. I'm making a very simple ARPG plugin , and I can't get my code working correctly. Here it is:   /*: * @plugindesc This plugin is an A-RPG test * @author Skymen * * @param Player ATK * @desc Defines the player's atk * @default 100 * * * @help Description goes here */var parameters =...
  2. Animations via javascript

    Hi, I'm trying to make some very basic A-RPG plugin, and I would like to know how to play an animation on an event via Javascript.
  3. Plugin commands in scripting

    I would like to (in the script) retrieve the data from the event (like its name, litle note/description box besid the name box) that called the plugin command. For exemple, I want to create an event that would call some plugin command. The plugin would would test if the value is, for exemple...
  4. Display bug

    Hi, I recently installed MV on my old PC, but I have a diplay bug: The "file", "edit", "game", etc tabs work, but no text or image will display. Can someone help me?
  5. YEP scripts error

    Hi, I've been testing around all scripts I found, and I got an error with Yanfly's scripts :s This one by just having YEP-Core installed This one is when I clic on an "unnamed" button that have been added in the options menu...
  6. Skip Title Screen

    Hey, I've made a full event title screen on Ace that I converted to MV, However, I would like to skip the default MV title screen, so I don't have two title screens.
  7. RPG Maker MV Documentation.

    Hi, can someone do or post a link of the MV's documentation. Cause I'm new to JS and I'm not willing to read  31910 lines to hope understand what's going on. The other versions had a "help" section where enterbrain listed all possible commands in all possible ways. Also JS is not as readable as...
  8. Anti-crack methods for RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hey, I was wondering if there were any way to prevent crack from happening. For exemple: If I, or anyone in the world, wanted to make a commercial game with RPG Maker, and wanted to prevent people from copying his game from a PC to another. 'Cause, for the moment, all you have to do is buy the...
  9. Refresh content of windows

    Hello, I'm actually Trying to make a Corpse party-like save system  ( At the top of the save command window there is another window that appears with the save stats if there is a save in the selected slot. So, my question is: How do I...
  10. Column on windows

    Hey! I got a simple question, how do I make columns in a command window? Just like the item list.
  11. RGSS3 current_window_symbol

    Hey!  I'm new to scripting, I just began a few weeks ago, and I'm actually trying to make my own menu for my game. My problem is that I want to do some sort of a helpbox, thit if the cursor is on a given symbol, it says something. How do I do this? I searched everywhere in the documentation, but...

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