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  1. Putting character battle sprites on a map

    So this is kind of a weird question I feel, but I'd like to put a battle sprite on a map and just have it play the default battle stance animation for an npc. I copied and resized a battle sprite sheet and put it in the correct folder, but when I put it into an event, it doesn't move. I should...
  2. Event for adding lore found in a game to a comprehensive library

    I'm not entirely sure how to tag this since I'm having a hard time wording what I want to do but Basically what I'm wanting to do is create books and such in my project that players can interact with to get lore. I know how to get that to work, but what I'm thinking I might want to do is create...
  3. Creative ways to make forest map borders

    So I'm trying to make a forest map, but I'm having issues with how to actually make the border of the map. I've seen a lot of examples of using the tall trees to give definition to the edges of the playable map, and though I think it looks good in some instances, I'm really not a huge fan of...
  4. Issues understanding events interacting with each other in cutscenes (moving npc characters)

    Hello, I'm rather new to RPG Maker and before I really started on a project, I wanted to make sure I understood the basics of what I'd want to do in a game. Currently I'm testing cutscenes, but I'm running into some issues. The way I've set it up is so that when the player character steps on an...

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