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  1. [RECRUITMENT] Sound and Music

    Hello. I am working on a horror style RPG called Sage's Peril. It's still very much in the early stages of development, including in a good solid story of what is going on. At this given moment, you are the character Sage trying to get to your grandmother's house, and things seem a little odd...
  2. Khas Awesome Light Effect Script Assistance Again

    Earlier I asked a question that I figured out that had to do with an actual problem I was having with it's set-up. This is more of a question of curiosity for something a bit more effective and convincing regarding it. I noticed when I was playing my game, when you entered the room that had the...
  3. Khas Awesome Light Effect Script Assistance

    I was looking into Khas awesome light effects script, and I downloaded her demo thing that has the script and I did everything she did. Hers seems to work and mine doesn't. And it's not just with that one game, I've tried it with a different one as well. I'm positive I've overlooked something...

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My home state baseball team is going back to the World Series for the first time since 1999. I remember when they went in 1995 and won, that was like the best day of my life. (I'm a huge baseball fan and yes I'm talking about the Braves).
FL Studio is a huge step up from LMMS but I'm having such a tough time with it D:<
The new Dune movie reminds me of the game Dune 2 made by Westwood. A quality product on its own, but extremely disloyal to its source of inspiration.
Terrible Writing Advice, you've done it again.
Feeling like my new profile picture is nice. Thinking of making it semi-permanent, does any one has an opinion? Does it look too evil or does it work as a public profile picture? :)

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