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  1. Mahoken

    Need help with creating a "dash" type of world map skill

    I'm creating a skill you can use on the map by pressing "Spacebar". The ability is simple: press Space and move forward 2 spaces, going through any walls on the way. The problem I'm running into is when you use this ability and you land in an object/wall. When that happens, you can simply use...
  2. Mahoken

    How to add exact damage into a skill description?

    If I have a skill, for example, that deals 100 + 200% attack + 120% magic, how would I make it so that the description of the skill in-battle would show 100 + [200% of your actual attack] + [120% of your actual magic]? It would look better as actual numbers than random percents, because not...
  3. Mahoken

    Adding Yanfly's Absorption Barrier to Atelier Boss HP bar

    Yanfly's Absorption Barrier plug-in Atelier Rgss Boss HP Meter In Yanfly's Absorption Barrier plug-in, when a character/enemy has a shield, a part of their health...
  4. Mahoken

    How to create stacking buffs/debuffs similar to Pokemon?

    I want to be able to make stacking buffs/defbuffs that go by Pokemon's rule. In Pokemon, you can increase or decrease a specific stat up to 6 times (stages).  Something like: +1 = 150% stat +2 = 200% stat +3 = 250% stat or -1 = 66% stat -2 = 50% stat -3 = 40% stat I'm...
  5. Mahoken

    How to remove specific Parameter from Yanfly Status Menu?

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this in, but how can I simply remove the stat "LUK" from Yanfly's Status Core Menu? I'd like it gone from general and the parameter section. Probably wanna remove it from the equipment section as well! Removing the stat in general would help, but...
  6. Mahoken

    Element Evasion chance?

    Just wondering if there was a way to make it so a character can avoid skills with a certain element. Similar to Pokemon, my example would be a character who is considered a "Flying" type to be unaffected by moves with the element, "Ground". I can make it so the Flying type takes 0 damage from...
  7. Mahoken

    How to fix "Decimals" in Health?

    I made this formula that deals damage, and then deals 1/3 of the damage back to the user. Unfortunately, the recoil damage is giving me a percent, so it's leaving my HP in a really long number string. How can I make it so this skill rounds up with whatever the recoil damage would be? Here's...
  8. Mahoken

    Error message with Yanfly + Quasi

    Not really sure what's going on, but I tried using Quasi's Param script, but every time i try to attack an enemy with any skill in play test, it brings up this error, "Cannot read property 'note' of undefined". So I brought up the console and got these errors messages... but I have no idea what...
  9. Mahoken

    Creating a skill off STACKING states?

    How can I make a skill that has a stacking state mechanic?  Right now, I'm trying to make a skill that adds 2 stacks of this Venom state. 1 stack of Venom deals a flat damage amount each turn, and each stack deals a little more damage per turn. Autos deal 1 stack of Venom. Max stacks is 6...
  10. Mahoken

    How do you make an RPG game with a top down fighting system?

    How could I make an RPG game that uses a top-down system for fighting? I want to see if I could make a fighting system that isn't turn based, and more like... the first Legend of Zelda style-fighting. That's where you can walk around, see enemy sprites, and they can attack you from there without...
  11. Mahoken

    Simple Question: How do you change the number of steps it takes for a state to heal you with HRG on?

    I want a potion I made to heal you every 10 steps by a certain amount for another specified steps. It seems like the number a steps it takes is always random. Where can I change the amount of steps it takes to heal?
  12. Mahoken

    How to make an event switch current actor with another?

    How can I make it so when you activate an event, it lets you choose who you want in your party. I want it to add the selected member in, then remove the member you had. How can I do this?
  13. Mahoken

    How do you make a skill like Future Sight (Pokemon)?

    How do you make a skill like Future Sight from Pokemon? You use the skill, and then after a set number of turns, it hits the enemy.  I found a Charge Skill script, but that makes it so the user can't attack or make any actions until the attack hits. I want it activate, and then about 3 turns...
  14. Mahoken

    Skill that summons a temporary ally?

    Is there any way to make a skill that summons an ally? I want to make someone who will place down turrets (summon ally turrets as actors). I can make them temporary by giving them a negative health regen, but how do I make it so I can SUMMON an ally? Is there a script that anyone knows of that...
  15. Mahoken

    Revive Skill Help!

    I'm trying to make a skill that places a state on an ally for 3 turns, and if they die while it's on them, then they revive with a certain amount of health.  I have many Yanfly scripts if needed... anyone? :)
  16. Mahoken

    Skill that resets its Cooldown upon kill ~ Help!

    I'm using Yanfly's Skill Restriction Script, which allows you to set Cooldowns on skills. I made a skill that has a CD of 5 turns. It's a strong single target attack that deals damage and ignores armor. I want to make it so that when that skill is able to kill someone (deal the finishing blow)...
  17. Mahoken

    How do I make this formula work in the battle formula

    I'm trying to make this basic attack formula work, but it keeps inflicting an insane amount of damage instead. I have the formula like this in RPG maker: a.atk * (100 / 100 + b.def) If the user's ATK was 30, and the enemies defense was 20, the enemy would take 25 damage. 30 * (100 / 100 + 20)...
  18. Mahoken

    Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSS Error (Failed Bitmap)

    My game has been working fine, but whenever I try to play it now, it gives the "Failed to create Bitmap" error when I try to open the menu or go into a battle. Does it have anything to do with my scripts?. I haven't added anything new since the last time I played. It just decided to give me the...
  19. Mahoken

    How can I add more than 2 "Required Weapon" to skills?

    I'm trying to make a skill called "Impale", but I want the "Required Weapons" to be a Sword, Longsword, AND spear. You can only choose two though T-T How can I make more than 2 "Required Weapons"?
  20. Mahoken

    Help with making floor spikes!

    I made floor spikes, and when your player walks over them, your screen flashes, and you take damage and also take a step back. Then I decided to make spikes that retract into the ground every once in awhile, then come back up, then go back down, and so on. It works perfectly besides one problem...

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