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  1. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Drawing limit in PIXI?

    Ahh, graphics code, how I despise thee. I've encountered an issue that, because I don't really "get" graphics code and barely understand what I AM doing, I can't seem to trace, let alone resolve. I'm essentially "faking" an old-school graphics setup using what little PIXI-related methods I've...
  2. Drakkonis

    RMMZ How do I draw a resizing bitmap?

    Back again with another question for my custom scene. I have images for my windows, I use them as sprites, but I actually blt their contents to the window itself, and the sprite itself is hidden at all times. I do it this way because it was the first solution I found when involving blt and...
  3. Drakkonis

    Infinite Color Palette

    Infinite Color Palette v1.0 Drakkonis Introduction This plugin lets you use a custom color palette with no limits. Features Normally a color palette is limited to 32 colors and is contained in the window skin file. This plugin lets you use a different image that is ONLY a color palette, with...
  4. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Game closing unexpectedly, custom scene involved.

    Honestly I'm not 100% sure if this is the right forum for this topic, because I'm not 100% sure where the problem actually lies. I have an event that at a point, enters a loop, set to break once a switch is toggled. In that loop is a call to my custom scene. In the scene is a means to close the...
  5. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Sorting an array of objects not working?

    Hello again! I seem to be coming back here more and more with this latest project. I'm trying to sort an array of objects based on one property of the objects. All objects in the array have this property, but this property is not always a number. The sort function I supply DOES convert the...
  6. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Update selection cursor graphic in a scene?

    Hello again! I've gotten further into my scene creation and am now working on a window based on Window_Selectable. I'm pretty sure my issue is related to my rather haphazard cobbling together of the whole thing. I have selectable items on my window, they're being drawn properly. I even have...
  7. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Issue with a common event command in a scene.

    Hi all, back again for another "I'm tired of banging my head on the wall" question. I'm working on a custom scene that heavily uses definable common events. To this end, I've stuck a Game_Interpreter object in the scene. Every scene update, I load a common event to run using...
  8. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Which approach is faster in the long run?

    Vague title, I know. Been awhile since I've posted here. Ignore the prefix, the question concerns javascript itself. I have a bit of code. This bit of code will occur every frame update, hence why I ask which approach is faster. In this code I have a formula that requires getting a value from...
  9. Drakkonis

    RMMV Battler assigned objects apparently... breaking?

    I have absolutely no clue on this one, nearly everything involved is not working like everything else. I have an object prototype being created and assigned to a battler when it's initialized. This object contains its own functions, its own constructor, and so on. The usual stuff. First odd...
  10. Drakkonis

    RMMV When does a bitmap ACTUALLY update?

    Title doesn't really capture my question well... but here goes. For once I don't consider this a "stupid in the sense that I'm missing something obvious or I've overthought the problem" question like a lot of my others. Graphical stuff is one of my biggest weaknesses, so please assume I know...
  11. Drakkonis

    RMMV RETRO - MZ Plugins on MV

    Really Experimental Temporal Reliability Operations - R.E.T.R.O. v0.10 Drakkonis Introduction This plugin has the rather lofty goal of allowing MZ plugins that are otherwise incompatible to function in RPG Maker MV. It is a work-in-progress, and is nowhere NEAR ready for a full release. RETRO...
  12. Drakkonis

    RMMV Grab a line from js file?

    Is there a way to grab a line from a .js file, perhaps as a string? I know I can get a string of a function's source code, but that's not what I'm after. I'd like to be able to load lines from the js file as strings whether they're functions or not. Most of what I'd want to be able to grab would...
  13. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Detect Which Engine Being Used?

    Since I got MZ before getting MV, my plugins are written with MZ in mind, and the bigger the plugins get, the more likely that they CAN'T work with MV. Is there a good way to detect if a plugin is being used in one over the other? I figure the most obvious way is to try calling a function native...
  14. Drakkonis

    Drak Plugin Core

    Drak Plugin Core v1.01 Drakkonis Introduction This plugin was developed to aid plugin creation, as I found myself having to rewrite the same general functions in nearly each plugin I made. So I stuck them all in here. As such, my more "robust" plugins will all require this plugin...
  15. Drakkonis

    Varied Custom TP System Styles

    TP Control v1.1 Drakkonis Introduction This plugin allows you to customize the built-in TP system into pre-defined resource styles, and then assign those styles to actors, classes, and enemies. This allows you to easily have multiple different combat styles without having to event or script any...
  16. Drakkonis

    Scrolling Description Window

    Scrolling Description Window v2.1 Drakkonis Introduction This plugin lets you have descriptions of almost any length by turning the help window into an auto-scrolling window. Features Auto-scrolling with customizable speed, wait timer for scroll start/stops, and two modes for when the window...
  17. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Scrolling descriptions?

    I want to create item descriptions that go beyond the two-line limit. I figured the best way to go would be make it a scrollable window... but for some reason it doesn't work. Didn't look too far into it, because I quickly figured that trying to scroll the item description would interfere with...
  18. Drakkonis

    RMMZ Detach a copy from the original?

    Not sure if this is a "I don't understand Javascript enough" problem or a "I don't fully understand how MZ handles these things" problem. I'm wanting to copy a database object, then have the new object have absolutely no connection to the original object, so that changes to the copy aren't made...
  19. Drakkonis

    RMMZ User-expandable plugin parameters?

    So I've seen this done before, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it myself. I want to set up, in parameters, a way for a dev to add new objects beyond my own hard coded ones. I want a certain structure, and I would have a few pre-set examples of that structure, but I want the dev to be...
  20. Drakkonis

    Turn TP Bar into an EXP Bar

    TPX v1.0 Drakkonis Introduction This is a small little plugin made by request, but it's not too specific that others can't use it too. It simply converts the actor TP gauge into an EXP gauge. Features -Make the TP bar useful if you're not using the TP system. -Two modes: Show current EXP...

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