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  1. Ixfuru

    Rect Screenshot

    So, I've been studying scripts like ModernAlgebra's Screenshot and Tsukihime's Map Screenshot.  I've been doing this in hopes that I could code a script similar to those.  What I need is a script that can take a screenshot of a designated rectangle area, convert it to a PNG and then send it to a...
  2. Ixfuru

    Bold vs no Bold

    This may be a bit of a dumb question.  But what's the difference in the title of threads that are in bold and those that are not in bold?  Seems like I tried to bold the text and my threads still came out with a title that was not in bold. 
  3. Ixfuru

    RMVX NetherQuest (version 0.84)

    By: Ixfuru Current Version: 0.84 Last Update: 11/17/2019 Original Post: 11/25/2016 Start of Creation: 2000 (TableTop), 2012 (Coded) Current PlayTime: 15-100 hours VIDEO PREVIEW OF THE LATEST VERSION GAME SYNOPSIS WORLD CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS Version 0.84...
  4. Ixfuru

    Finding Ruby/Javascript Similarities

    So, I finally purchased MV last night and I feel like I'm a newb at scripting agian!  :( I have gotten pretty proficient at scripting in Ruby.  But Javascript is like a different planet right now.  I've spent much of the past 15 hours studying Javascript from tutorial websites and watching...
  5. Ixfuru

    World Circuit Boxing 1.5.5

    Created with RPGMAKER VX VERSION 1.5.5 GET YOUR COPY HERE: INTRODUCTION I just wanted to let you know that I realize this is not your average RPGMaker game. Also, that there is no typical storyline/battle/storyline deal with it. I actually thought hard about not posting...
  6. Ixfuru

    Downed Sprites and a Character Sprite/Face request

    DOWNED SPRITES The first image here is to a group of characters who are fixin to die out in my current project.  So I require a set of downed sprites for them, and unfortunately, I'm no good at creating such things. CHARACTER DRAWING TO FACE SET AND CHARACTER SPRITE   Further, I require this...
  7. Ixfuru

    Ixfuru's Toolbox

    IXFURUS TOOLBOX 1.0 INTRODUCTION This script displays a small window during Scene_Map which enables a quick peek at the party's most-used tools or items. HOW TO USE Copy the script below into your script editor, below materials and above main. You'll need to configure what items you want...
  8. Ixfuru


    Hey. I just wanted to drop a line and say 'What's up' to the forum. I've been to this site many times over the years. Just never got around to creating a profile. I just started back on my project and found that a lot of folks had moved over here. Not quite sure why, but I guess I'll just...

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