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  1. nickhatboecker

    Yanfly Item Categories: Removing an armor type from all armor

    Hey dragoon, still need help? Just purchased the plugin to help you out and I guess I found a solution. Please DM me, because I'm not allowed to post the YEP Code in public. Best regards Nick
  2. nickhatboecker

    Level up restore based on MHP difference

    Hello Smee, what do you mean by "MHP"? Is it a variable? In pseudo code I would say: function onLevelUp (newLevel, oldLevel) { var currentHp = getCurrentHp(); // e.g. 200 var fullHp = getFullHp(); // e.g. 250 var mhp = getMhp(); // Whatever this is, e.g. 5...

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Doing RPG Maker News for 24th October 2021

I'm not sure how to do this so I'll just ask here, Wheres a good place to post your game (for free) once its done?
I don't know what I'm doing :D
So got my hearing tested to see if it was the cause of my mishearing what people say. Test showed no problems but talked with the doctor about anxiety and ADHD causing hearing issues and she agreed and also added that some people hear things differently. With my anxiety cause I am in fight or flight I pay attention to all the sounds in the area so body knows when react. Can't pay attention to one source.

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