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  1. NoahB

    Event action indicator for VX Ace?

    Hello, I've been looking for a script that will allow the player to see interactable objects as they get close to them. Like an arrow or something that pops up above the event to indicate that it's interactable. I found exactly what I needed, except it's for RPG Maker MV... D: Here is that...
  2. NoahB

    Message Log plugin

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a message log plugin for MV, like in visual novels. Basically, you can click a button and it brings up a menu where you can scroll between previous message box dialogue. I can't find a plugin like this anywhere, which I find outrageous. Every game should have it...
  3. NoahB


  4. NoahB

    Western vs Eastern game elements

    This may be a stupid discussion topic considering this is a forum about a program used to create Japanese RPGs, but since this is an English forum, I decided to go ahead anyway :kaoswt2: We all know that game design, just like culture, differs greatly between the west and the east. I don't want...
  5. NoahB

    Designing the game so currency is never redundant

    A flaw in many games I've played is that at a certain point, money is pretty much a limitless resource. Or what I mean is, there's nothing worthwhile to spend money on. How would you go about designing a game so there's always something worthwhile to spend money on?
  6. NoahB

    close this

    delet this
  7. NoahB

    FREE (Not Recruiting) SKY GEAR is looking for a team!

    Update: SKY GEAR is not recruiting at this time. SKY GEAR (Working Title) - Recruitment Thread An RPG Spanning the Earth and the Heavens ABOUT SKY GEAR SKY GEAR is a story driven turn based RPG with focus on deep battle mechanics, character customization and exploration. It's a project that...
  8. NoahB

    Noah's Music Showcase

    Here is my music thread. I'll update it as I make more stuff!!
  9. NoahB

    Show Choices inside message box like in VX

    I'm looking for a script that puts the choices window inside the message box, like in VX. I'm also looking for a way to change the choice text color. Thanks for your help :D
  10. NoahB

    What am I doing wrong while importing characters?

    So, I'm trying to import my character. I know it is perfectly tiled and the image is the dimensions it should. When I import it, this happens: What am I doing wrong? (Yeah, this is my first time importing my own made characters, so I'm not very experienced)
  11. NoahB

    Why can't I reply to topics?

    Recently, I've been unable to reply to topics, or status updates. Since you're reading this right now, be surprised that I even could post this topic. When I try to reply to something, a message pops up, saying: "Action failed". Having an account on this forum kind of loses its purpose if I...
  12. NoahB

    Spink's Graphics Workshop (Commercial and Non-Commercial)

    Welcome to my graphics workshop. What I create is everything from logos to game over screens. Here are some samples of my work (including the logo in the header): (Creepy house picture is from ) TO REQUEST GRAPHICS, YOU MUST: 1. Specify...
  13. NoahB

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid error

    I use "Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid". When I try to attack, this error pops up. Help? :c
  14. NoahB

    Looking for retro tilesets

    Greetings, I'm looking for some retro tilesets to give my game that GBA kind of feel. I'm not looking for anything more specific than that. Thanks in advance :)
  15. NoahB

    Zelda hearts HUD

    I'm looking for somebody who can script a Zelda type health HUD. I would like to be able to increase the maximum amount of hearts you can have. One half heart would be 1HP. I would like to be able to enable/disable the HUD through a switch. Heart pictures are provided below. Thanks in advance :)
  16. NoahB

    Very Simple and Easy Evented Action Battle System

    I've been working on a simple evented battle system, and it turned out better than I thought it would! It is very easy to set up. Here is an enemy event. The enemy's health is configured and controlled by a variable. There is also a variable for the players health. When this variable hits 0...

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