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    Credits + Career Question

    hello! i hope im posting this in the right board. i intend to release my game commercially; this, in itself, does not raise any issues. however, i am somewhat caught between security and career opportunities. though i love making indie games, i also intend to follow a career path in the...

    Help making a collectible "database"?

    hi! so, im using the term database somewhat loosely here in the title. with my main protag being an artist, my game is intended to have a "sketchbook" feature - as and when you encounter/fight characters, your "sketchbook" updates with information on said character. the sketchbook is just a...

    Disabling a skill being used on a specific actor

    hi! in my game presently, i have an actor with a skill that heals an ally by 25% (of max HP), at the expense of losing 15% of her own max HP. however, she can currently use this skill on herself, which causes a HP boost of 10%. how do i make it so that she can't use this skill on herself...

    Can't Attack In Battle

    hi! sorry, im aware that theres a few posts on this subject under a quick google search, and that its also most likely a noob issue - however, after countless hours scouring, i still havent found a solution thats working for me, and its honestly been doing my nut in for a few days in battles...

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actor name string, why you gotta be case sensitive like that?
Doing RPG Maker News for 26th October 2021

My entire world, full of monsters and treasures, will likely be done by the end of the year. After that it's all NPCs and side quests... then done. I'm never making an open world game again xD
The more I read Calvin and Hobbes as an adult, the more I deeply respect Bill Watterson. Plenty of stuff flew over my head, but now that I'm old enough to appreciate the viewpoints he shared with the fun and imagination? I am grateful that C&H was basically my early childhood.
After years of relying on others and the community to help with making my games, I've decided to delve into the world of scripting. Thought I'd share a few simple scripts that I made that I'm very proud of and excited about!

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