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  1. Keegan

    Chase event stops when approaching stealth area

    Me too, the plugin said that: Once the player is detected, Stealth Regions stop applying and the alerted * event will chase the player (or flee from) even if the player runs into * another Stealth Region. The Stealth Regions remain disabled until the event * is no longer chasing (or fleeing...
  2. Keegan

    2x1 Event

    I that, but only the half of the chest is opened. :(
  3. Keegan

    2x1 Event

    I want to make a treasure chest, but the size is 2x1 tiles, so the chest is wider than the RTP chest. I know that in editor, 2x1 graphic tiles will appear as one tile, but in game, the size will follow the size of the graphics (which is 2x1). I run it and the graphic looks good in the game...
  4. Keegan

    Enchanted Armor

    ahh yes, I should know it if I learn JS first :(
  5. Keegan

    Enchanted Armor

    t Thank you guys, it really helps
  6. Keegan

    Enchanted Armor

    I tried it and the damage dealt is 207.01828390192 or 45.12391293, can i get rid of those unnecessary number? and make it into integers like 207 or 45
  7. Keegan

    Enchanted Armor

    I have discovered how to apply it, and it works!!! thank you very much for your help!
  8. Keegan

    Enchanted Armor

    Where I should put that notetag?
  9. Keegan

    Enchanted Armor

    How I can make an armor that will increase player damage? for example: I want to make an armor that will increase 20% sword damage, so if the player is using the armor his damage will increase by 20% (but only for Sword type weapons). if the player isn't use sword type weapons, then the damage...

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