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    Skills Lowering Equipment Durability

    Hello, I've been gone for sometime and want to get back to work on my game. <3 and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. ^^; I've took a lot of your guys advice and have done many changes and tweaks but I'm still looking into making a Resident Evil inventory setup.... if anyone remembers...
  2. N-Game Arts

    Video Game Parody (Law/Design)

    Hello, Some of you may know... I've been hard at work on a Resident Evil RPG parody style game. I'm about 3 weeks in development (which I know isn't much) ^^; I will be using many assists from from the original games.... It's sad how often we see smart and good projects drop do to cease...
  3. N-Game Arts

    How To Get A Tile To Stop Clipping Out

    I'm trying to make a balcony and give it neat look to it. Well I think it came out pretty good in "edit mode" but everytime I do a "Play Test" the pillars and fountain keep clipping out and ruining it!? is there anyway to fix this?... Sorry and thank you. :)
  4. N-Game Arts

    How To Equip More Then One Type

    Hello... me again. ^^; I wanting to where I can equip more then one type of Equipment. I know how to make many types of Equipment, but I want to where a person can equip 2 of the same type. example: __________ Weapon Head Body Ring Ring __________ but every time I make 2 ring slots...
  5. N-Game Arts

    Animation not showing?

    Hello I'm working on a game and I made a animation for my zombie to do a "Bite" attack animation and I set the "skill" with the animation and I set the zombie with the skill "bite" animation, but when I start up a "Battle Test" the zombie uses the bite skill and I hear the sound I made for...

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Revisiting one of my older projects in a long time to work some more on the mechanics. I've been working on- and off-again for about a year now on recreating the Force and Mystic systems from Wild ARMs. And I think I've finally made some good breakthroughs on that!

Still, it is not perfect and I may post my thoughts at a later time to see if there are any other suggestions or alternatives I've missed.
actor name string, why you gotta be case sensitive like that?
Doing RPG Maker News for 26th October 2021

My entire world, full of monsters and treasures, will likely be done by the end of the year. After that it's all NPCs and side quests... then done. I'm never making an open world game again xD
The more I read Calvin and Hobbes as an adult, the more I deeply respect Bill Watterson. Plenty of stuff flew over my head, but now that I'm old enough to appreciate the viewpoints he shared with the fun and imagination? I am grateful that C&H was basically my early childhood.

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