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  1. Conditional branch doing both things

    Thanks I just tried it, but it still causes both parts of the conditional branch to run when down is pressed.   I'm beginning to think there is no way of solving this issue,  
  2. Conditional branch doing both things

    I based these off of the script calls list.   I have tried replacing the word 'Pressed' with 'Triggered'  -  (Input.isTriggered(down)).   I have tried giving the word down a capital D.   Then I looked up Java script and used this which doesn't give an error, but nothing...
  3. Conditional branch doing both things

    Thanks for the suggestion but instead you get an error 'unexpected string'.  I tried asking on the script call thread but no-one replied.
  4. RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    Does any one know the script for checking if the down key is being pressed  I tried (Input.isPressed(down)) but i keep getting error input undefined.
  5. Conditional branch doing both things

    I tried typing in the script call: (Input.isTriggered(down)), I've also tried (Input.isTriggered(ok)) but it kept producing an error of down is not defined/ok is not defined, I can't seem to find a list of script calls for the buttons within MV.  I saw something that said press F1 in playtest...
  6. Conditional branch doing both things

    It is definitely this page that goes first as i put some text in like you suggested, although the text played repeatedly.  The other pages I just copied and pasted from this one and changed the event location and self switches. Your right the event moves on its own and you press the down key...
  7. Conditional branch doing both things

    I have made a slider game where you have to stop a slider over the max button But i'm having trouble with the conditional branch that decides if you stopped it in the correct place.  If you stop it correctly the pull slider should move faster but if you don't you hear a buzzer and take 20...
  8. What is the correct script

    okay, that's great, thanks
  9. What is the correct script

    I chose the face and battler as none because all i need is my character to appear as an arrow so i may move them along a bar and activate a switch when they touch it.  So the actor is not part of my party and I haven't added them to my party as I just needed the first character to change...
  10. What is the correct script

    Okay that's great to know.  Thanks for all the help, you're explanations are very useful, because of them i have found a way to do everything with variables. Is there a reason why the change actor image might not work.  I have chosen it as a parallel process when the level starts but it is...
  11. What is the correct script

    would it be easier then to have a script check if an event touches another event, if so what would i need to write for that?
  12. What is the correct script

    I'm trying to use a script to check if my event comes into contact with a particular region. region 6, and if it does i'm going to have it move faster.  This is what i have so far but it is not doing anything when i click on it with the action button. I tried typing 6 after the words...
  13. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Thanks so much, i realised your help file mentions about map notes which has helped me sort my problem.
  14. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hello  I'm having an issue with region restrictions. i want an event to be able to pass through more than one region, regions 2 and 6 at the moment.  Works fine for just 2, but if I add 6 the event no longer moves, it won't even move along the 2 region until it meets the 6 region.  I looked...
  15. Sin's Little bit of Everything

    Okay thank you.  May i just ask what you write in your notetags, it maybe i've used wrong wording as i tried copying ones that came with other battlers, where people had provided the command for their images.
  16. Sin's Little bit of Everything

    Hi i tried using this in game but keep getting an error 'cannot read property 'height' of undefined' , i'm using MV so wondered if it was an ACE only sprite or something.  I have other SV battlers that work fine so I know my plugin is working.  Thanks
  17. Type Error Cannot read property with new Update

    I am getting the same error was hoping someone knew what it meant also.  I can't seem to solve it either so have had to revert to the before update version of my game.
  18. correct event not showing for map

    Thanks for the replies. It is triggering map 7 instead of 13.  I'm guessing one of door transfers is moving to a different map as the map transfer is fine.  Thanks for the help, i must have missed one when copying and correcting them.
  19. correct event not showing for map

    So I have a house map which appears on maps 3,7 and 13 of my game.  On maps 3 and 7 the phone event says the same thing and on map 13 As you can see they are not activating each other and no switch activates them, but on map 13 i always get the text from map 3 or 7, so can go no...
  20. Help Getting Sprite to Work

    Thanks for solving that, I've now found some info on the use of ! and $ before names. But I now have a problem with the bat sprites. If i put ! in front i can only choose this much. Without anything I get this. Would be great if someone could kindly explain what i'm doing wrong now...

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