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  1. Help me on How to disable ONLY a SPECIFIC CHOICE and NOT ALL THE CHOICES(# OF CHOICES)

    Hi, So I'm here again. I want to make teleportal(portal) and there's a choice that you are able to teleport. But you must finish the main quest in order to unlock all the destinations/choices(places to teleport). So I want to disable those choices that needed to complete the main quest first to...
  2. How to make a skill that can instantly kill an enemy if the enemy has not a 'Boss' state

    So Hi, I don't know if it is the right thread/forum to post this. So, I already made a 'Boss' State which is if applied to an enemy it will give a huge increase amount of stats. And I'm in progress making a Skill which is when the Enemy is not possesed/affected by a 'Boss' state, Then it will...
  3. Dimmed/Gray/Black Character(Faceset and Walk) Request

    Resource Type: Character/Walk/Faceset Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's Original Description: So, I'm making my Introduction animation for my MV Game. Which is the main character is dreaming about the war that the villains invading their town. The Lightness army(The goodness ones) were...
  4. How can i make an active quest(question mark) balloons above npc's heads? and Exclamation marks.

    So hi again. I want to make something cool. I want to make that when there's a nearby available quest. A 'EXCLAMATION MARK' balloon will appear above the npc's head. And if the quest Is already finished. A 'QUESTION MARK' balloon will appear above the npc's head. It's just like the 'DRAGON...
  5. TypeError: "Cannot read property 'isEnemy' of null, When the skill use by the enemies

    So guys. I always get the error: TypeError: "Cannot read property 'isEnemy' of null. When some skill that i got from some forum here is use by the enemy. I have many skill here so i can't show the code. But if it is necessary i'm willing to show the codes that i got for free. Can someone tell...
  6. Help with Action Sequences Skills(Trying to make Undying/Immortal Skill)

    So, Hi. I'm making an Undying skill which is when the user use it. Then its health will be drain up to 99%.(One of bad effect of this skill). But, he will be able to stand/fight for about 5turns and the user is unkillable or unable to be kill because he still has the effect of...
  7. Can someone please allign or fix this action sequence code?

    So, I don't know where to place this question/request. Sorry. Can someone please fix or allign this action sequence code from Yanfly? I saw this before. And I'd tried this many times but still. It doesn't work for me. Can someone please fix this action sequence code to be work? <target...
  8. Is it normal that my skills on the database is only 10?

    So, When i come to see my database and i saw my skills it has only 10 page. I thought it is like RPG Maker VX Ace that once you've installed you already have all the animations and its skills. Like all the animations already have or already put in a skills. So i don't have to manually set it. Is...
  9. Help me with Action Sequence plugins.

    Hi Guys. Can someone please provide explanation for Action Sequences; 1,2 and 3?(Note Tags and Parameters as well.) I really need well explanation. Thanks. -And also. Where should I put the NoteTags or the commands?
  10. How to make Sideview Battler and Enemies that the Character's battler could seen in battle.

    .Hi guys, Can please someone explain well the Parameters and the Note tags for Yanfly's sideview animated enemies Thanks.
  11. How to fix this white blank at the top of the enemies. (I can't figure out what plugin is this).

    So, I'm using Yanfly's Battle Select Cursor plugin but when i tested it out, there's a blank white image at the top of the enemies. It's quite annoying. And i turned off the Battle Select Cursor but it's still there. I used many Yanfly's Battle Core plugin. But i can't figure out what plugin...
  12. It is possible to make the event/character display it's name above when It's talking/Show Text?

    So as the title states: It is possible to make the event/character display it's name above when It's talking/Show Text? Display name of the event/character above the picture/face of it when it's talking or Show Text.
  13. Please help me (I don't really know what the title should be)

    So here I am again with another problem ._. So, I'm making an movement route with event and once it run, It will guide the player into the castle. Then After the player will enter the castle(new map) then back to the main map(which is the map where the guider event was created) The event should...
  14. It is possible to make an event when the user press a specific hotkey/button?

    So, here i am again. I'm sorry for posting too much question this day. I'm in a rush, and i don't think that i can post my other question at the same thread. So here it is: I want to make an 'Auto Jump' event that if i pressed 'Space' hotkey or any hotkey/button except arrow, up, left, down...
  15. Please help me (I don't really know what the title should be)

    So what i want is, using the 'Show Text', The event will say the 'Character' name. Like if in the start of the game and the game ask you to input your name(ex.Loydiee). then if the specific event(random) will talk to you, the event should say your character name or the name that you had input...
  16. Please help me: How to runs an event automatically from a different map?

    So, I'm making a RPG Game(usually). Then I was stuck here for about an hour. My problem is how can i run an event automatically once the first event already ran. The first event that will run first before the 2nd event. : So, after that event ran. The 2nd event from a different map will...
  17. Please help me: How to permanently delete an event once it run.

    So as the thread's title stated. I really need help how to permanently delete an event once it run. In my game's intro, the character will walk inside its house. Then when its going to the main door the invisible event will run.(What i mean in invisible is, the event has no sprites or image.)...

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