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  1. Crusixblade

    Messing with something that I'm not sure what will turn out as.

    Messing with something that I'm not sure what will turn out as.
  2. Crusixblade

    Eternal Dreamers | Free Battle RPG | Full Release

    April 10th Version Glitches: First issue I've run into. When in WASD keyboard setup, hitting E will completely mess up the window sizing. The game will pull from full screen to a window, but the game resolution will become a small box within the window surrounded in black. It doesn't seem to...
  3. Crusixblade

    TRADE Looking for Playtesters

    Cool. I assume it is the version on the first post of this thread then? Any particular way I should report anything of note?
  4. Crusixblade

    Are there times when you feel a little too old for this? (Making games)

    Too old? Hah...Sometimes I think I'm too young and I'm in my mid-20s.
  5. Crusixblade

    How did you come up with your name?

    Being an edgy teen and throwing syllables together.
  6. Crusixblade

    What languages do you know or wish to learn?

    I speak English natively...and I'm still trying to learn how to not sound dumb when talking.
  7. Crusixblade

    The songs that get stuck in your head

    Pumping Iron Power by Grailknights.
  8. Crusixblade

    Within existence as commonly understood

    Within existence as commonly understood
  9. Crusixblade

    TRADE Looking for Playtesters

    Hello, if you are still looking for people to test your game, I would be happy to do so.
  10. Crusixblade

    Splatter HORROR HOUSE [@ _@]

    @Zero2505 I was saving them directly off the page, but a little late now, sense I already resized the ones I downloaded lol
  11. Crusixblade

    Splatter HORROR HOUSE [@ _@]

    @com_sho So I went to start using these and they appear to be too big for MV. Any advice to fixing this? Edit: Figured how out to resize. For anyone who needs it, the pixel size of MV tile sets are   A1 and A2: 768x576 A3: 768x384 A4: 768x720 A5: 384x768 B-E: 768x768
  12. Crusixblade

    (FREE) Darren's Commercially Free Music (Over 170 Pieces!)

    Really great music with a nice variety. Great job.
  13. Crusixblade

    (FREE) Darren's Commercially Free Music (Over 170 Pieces!)

    Really great music with a nice variety. Great job.
  14. Crusixblade


    Hi, I'm not technically new, sense I joined some time ago to ask something, but I am just going to introduce myself. I'm Crusixblade and I like working on RPG Maker software games as a hobby. I hope we can get along.
  15. Crusixblade

    Splatter HORROR HOUSE [@ _@]

    Any plans to horrorfy the modern/futuristic tile sets? Also, thanks for making it free, this is good enough to be paid level work. :)
  16. Crusixblade

    How do I do credits?

    So, I know about scrolling text and what not, but I don't know who I am to credit for the RPG Maker VX ACE software itself and what not. 

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