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  1. Ice Cluster

    Looking for In-Depth-Map Plugin

    Hey, I'm looking for a conversion of FenixFireX In-Depth-Maps script from VX Ace. The system worked quite simple. You needed 3 Regions: Overhead_Region = This is the region defining tiles that need to be above the player. Block_Region = This is the region defining tiles that need to be...
  2. Ice Cluster

    Adding a Notetag to Nicke's History Book

    Hello everyone, I'd like to have a small addon to the XS - History Book script by Nicke. What it should do: I want to be able to add Notetags to certain items (books), so that they call the History Book scene of this...
  3. Ice Cluster

    System Options in the Title Screen

    Hello everyone, I recently played Skyborn (which is really good btw) and saw that it has an options menu on the title screen. I know that Skyborn was made with the Rpg Maker VX, but the options menu itself looked very much like the one from Yanfly for VX Ace and had the same options...
  4. Ice Cluster

    Checkpoint Save to pre-determined slot

    Hey everyone, while waiting for my beta testers to give me some feedback on my current project, I decided to do a little humorous puzzle game. For this I would like to have a script, that alows the player to select a Save Slot at the beginning and maybe give a name to it. All saves made in...
  5. Ice Cluster

    Showing variables and stuff instead of MP Bar

    Hey, I thought that this would be the best place to post my question, since I'm looking for a script, even though I'm in fact not requesting a new one. Indrah and Fomar made this game: In the menu there is no mp...
  6. Ice Cluster

    Lore Journal

    Hey, I'm currently using modern algebra's scripts for quest journal and bestiary and I really like them. And since my game has a huge amount of different factions, characters and places I decided to implement a way for players to easily keep track of all this things. I know that I could add...

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