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  1. Sepheyer

    [Solved] Issue in menues: "No DC" watermark

    I suddenly started having "No DC" watermark. Don't really know what triggered it, since I took a break from RPGM. The watermark shows up in every meny, screen, subscreen, submenu. Would anyone know how to fix this? Thank you. PS: 1) I launch MZ via steam. I also activated launched MV and MV...
  2. Sepheyer

    RMMZ [Solved] How to save JS variables?

    Let's say my NPCs are an array of objects. This way I create a living world: when the player enters a map, the game checks which NPCs are currently in that map and spawns character-events to illustrate these NPCs. But, the real data for all NPCs, including those that are active off the map, is...
  3. Sepheyer

    RMMZ [Solved] If I create an event using JS, how do I add a sprite to the event?

    I copied an event from one cell to another cell using JS. (Screenshots are inside the spoiler tag.) How can I add/change the event's image for the cloned event? Thank you.
  4. Sepheyer

    RMMZ [Solved] $dataMap showing up as 'null' inside a plugin

    I am trying to see how many events I have from inside a plugin. Yet, the code errors out saying I am accessing a null. console.log($ However when I ran a console and examine $dataMap (via console.log(top)) it clearly shows that this object is not null. Could anyone...
  5. Sepheyer

    RMMZ [Solved] A JS question about storing functions in an array

    JS allows storing functions in an array and calling them later. For me the problems start when those functions are on instances of a class and when I need to refer to the instances via "this.". I created a test snippet illustrating what I am trying to accomplish, but I clearly lack the syntax...
  6. Sepheyer

    RMMZ [Solved] Can I combine multiple PNGs into one "showPicture" call?

    I assemble a character's image using individual images for clothes. Here is an example of the clothes and how the character actually looks with all of them on. The assembly is accomplished via multiple "$gameScreen.showPicture(...)" - about 30 such calls to dress a character, starting with...
  7. Sepheyer

    RMMZ [Solved] Question about Nested Choices via JS

    I have a wardrobe that I want the player to pick items from. The wardrobe is a dictionary, and the choices offered to the player should be nested. I.e.: "Pants > Jeans" or "Top > Tee". I do get the first level working, but then the messaging system stops reacting. I somewhat understand that...
  8. Sepheyer

    [Solved] How can a player turn towards an event on "Event Touch"?

    I have NPCs that go on their business but do a "greeting" whenever they touch the hero. I do not know how to make the hero turn towards the NPC that is greeting her. I attached a screenshot to illustrate this: red dress is the hero, an NPC north (above) of her proceeds on his path south (down)...
  9. Sepheyer

    Creating City Car Traffic

    Are there off the shelf solutions, or established patterns for creating city traffic? Here are two blocks showing US-centric avenue-street grid layout. Verticals are one-way streets, horizontal are two way avenues. My immediate approach, although naïve, would be to use one event per car...
  10. Sepheyer

    Question about half-sized cells - how are they used?

    Does anyone know how are half-sized cells employed in projects? I attached two screenshots showing how authors (my bad, I do know know who the authors are to credit them) use half-cell walls to show exit / window. How is this done? Would anyone have a step-by-step guide? Thank you.
  11. Sepheyer

    RMMZ [Solved] How to call a JS-file function from an event?

    How can I call a functions stored within a JS file from an event? Example of the JS file is at the bottom of this post. I do successfully use ExecScript by Jeremy Kahn, but this script runs entire file and does not allow picking a function from within the file. Hence, I am looking for a...
  12. Sepheyer

    RMMZ [Solved] What is the API for showing a picture loaded by ImageManager?

    Does anyone have handy the API for showing a pictre loaded by ImageManager? Say I have this: var img = ImageManager.loadPicture('__D001'); ... //how to show the img on screen? I am currently going through the studio's and user plugins, but this process can take a day or two. So, hoping a...
  13. Sepheyer

    Links to City Maps

    Does anyone have links to city maps handy? These do not have to be ".map" files, can be screenshots of city maps made in MV/MZ. I am looking for best-practices, design approaches that artists employ in great maps. Thank you!
  14. Sepheyer

    [Solved] Using a variable for "Wait" ?

    Is it possible to use a variable for the "Wait" command in events?
  15. Sepheyer

    Removing Weapon Completely from Actor's Initial Equipment

    Would anyone know if actor's weapon (exactly as it appears in the Initial Equipment selection screen) can be removed altogether and replaced with, for example, glasses? Currently it seems that the first slot in the Initial Equipment section is hardcoded and can be only occupied by a Weapon...
  16. Sepheyer

    How to hide a message box with "Ctrl"?

    I am very sorry for the basic question: how does one hide the dialog textbox by pressing "Ctrl"? I trust this is a very common mechanics in RPGM releases, but given I took up RPGM just yesterday, I have not yet discovered how to do it. I attached screenshots showing what I "have" and how I...

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