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  1. Shaz

    Question about classified forum?

    Yes, please start your own thread next time, as your question is completely unrelated to the OP's. The easiest thing would be to ask in the thread you linked to. And no need to tag mods. If you own MV, you can use those tiles in MZ. They are edits of MV tiles, and the terms of use for RPG...
  2. Shaz

    RMMV Flip & resize static Actors

    Plugin Support You can't delete posts. If you would like to add your solution, then report your post, we'll go ahead and lock the thread (we like solutions, even if you came up with it yourself, so people wondering the same thing in the future can find your post when searching, and see what...
  3. Shaz

    Hi, if you're sharing plugins, please post them in the Plugin Releases form for whatever version...

    Hi, if you're sharing plugins, please post them in the Plugin Releases form for whatever version of the engine you're using. There are templates pinned that you can copy/paste to speed up the posting process a bit :)
  4. Shaz

    MZ's handling of effekseer animations

  5. Shaz

    RMMV Javascript SelfGameSwitch Math

    . I'll leave this thread here and lock it. Even though you solved it yourself before anyone else assisted you, it will still be helpful for other people wanting to manipulate self switches in the future.
  6. Shaz

    Battle system ambush bug

    RGSSx Script Support .
  7. Shaz

    choosing items

    You forgot this after the Select Item command: So you'll need 2 variables - one for the item id in the Select Item command (let's say that is 5), and one for the item name (let's say that's 6). Add a new command right after Select Item, and do this: Control Variables: 6 (item name) = Script...
  8. Shaz

    Making Tileset

    If you're talking about drawing your own tiles from scratch, maybe just do very rough, fast versions first, building the tileset as you go. Then when you get closer to finishing your game (or an area at a time) and you're sure you're not going to drastically change the story or the map, you...
  9. Shaz

    my controls no longer function, I need help

    who's angry at you? Are you happy for this thread to be closed? It sounds like you've worked out what caused it and how to fix it.
  10. Shaz

    Event Updating Issue

    If it's only that one event you want to change after interacting with it, use a self switch. If you want multiple events to do something new after interacting with one event, use a switch or a variable rather than a self switch. If you have a lot of these, and they are part of the main timeline...
  11. Shaz

    Deployment Issue (using Japanese language)

    MZ Support If the Japanese word is in your folder names (including the logged in user name if your project is saved in My Documents) or the game title, yes, that could be the issue. But this: is not really helpful. We need to know the exact error message, not "or something". Can you take a...
  12. Shaz

    It's been that long since I wrote a plugin, it took me 4 attempts to realize it's != rather than...

    It's been that long since I wrote a plugin, it took me 4 attempts to realize it's != rather than #. In a 40-line plugin, 20 of those lines being documentation!
  13. Shaz

    Question about classified forum?

    Not necessarily. A lot of the initial bunch was artists who had no idea what RPG Maker even was, and who posted their "portfolios" which were of no use to members here. It was just free advertising for them, and if Google saw a link back to their portfolio from our site, it would improve their...
  14. Shaz

    RMMV Temporarily disable event

    ah - I edited my post while you posted. Try what I have above. I realised I could just update canStartLocalEvents as that's called by those other functions. I also had to change Game_Event so it would not trigger Event Touch events.
  15. Shaz

    RMMV Temporarily disable event

    If you don't show us what you did, we can't tell you what you did wrong (if anything). Also not a good idea to change those files directly - better to create a plugin. Unlikely to happen now with MV (unless you're using an older version), but if you ever update the editor and update your...
  16. Shaz

    RMMV Translating for a commercial game

    Plugin Request I think it's a bad idea to put English only in dialogues. Many people only speak English, and they would have no idea what all your menus and battle screens say. That would not be a fun game to play.
  17. Shaz

    RMMZ Button sets disappear

    Might help if you tell us what plugin you installed ;) Plugin Support
  18. Shaz

    RMMV Save file for hosted game

    Plugin Requests
  19. Shaz

    RMMV Temporarily disable event

    Plugin Requests Easiest way I can think of is to get a plugin that allows you to set a switch on when in this "mode", and use that switch to skip all the checkEventTriggerHere, checkEventTriggerThere, and triggerAction functions in Game_Player. I don't have time to write it for you now, but I...

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