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  1. Doogerie

    HELP:npc movement option

    Ok so I have this NPC that I need to go from his starting point in a scene to behind a desk with a map and a book on it he stats off fine but then he ends up in the bottom right corner of the map. here is the map and the movement event (unfinished) can anyone help so that my character can...
  2. Doogerie

    what are you using for your game

    I am currently using RPG Maker MV to make a game (I assume most people are) I just find it a relly fun and easy (compaird to Unity) engen to use. But i a shoure that there are other peopl using older vrsions of RPG maker and other development inviroments on here so what are you using and why?
  3. Doogerie

    I am back

    Hi so i have been away for a while (life got in the way) but I am back now I have lernt a lot form my first game that will necer be finsished thes are as follows 1. proof read every scene. 2 .Get your brother, sister,bff to reade it over too. 3. Playtest Playtest Playtest 4. you don't need a...
  4. Doogerie

    character on character

    I have a character called Whisper in my game he is kind of the main bad guy so obviously you need to fight him the problem is is that he is not classed as an Enemy in RPG maker he has a battler and everything is there a way to have two (or more) characters fight each other? How do I do it ...
  5. Doogerie

    From JRPG to ARPG

    So I was wondering isthmus a script or somthing so I can make an ARPG (action RPG) I was think for my next game it would be cool do do somthing a little diffrent with a combat system a littel like Baldours gate or the Lego Star Wars games? I mean I have a colon JRPG (japaniese style RPG) but my...
  6. Doogerie

    Poison states

    I was wondering if anyone can help me i am trying to set up a Poison state for my game and I just can't figure out the formula for it can someone please help me?
  7. Doogerie

    Leval up

    So I just realised that I forgot to add an event for my characters to level up you know when they amass a perticuler amount of Xp? I would also like to give them a update buff like more health or somthing but I can probly fiver that out myself. thanks
  8. Doogerie

    do i ge tthe wednesday updtes automaticly

    I was just wondering because i found a folder called Wednesday updates there were a few things in there and i was just wondering is that just what came on release or is it all the 11 Wednesday updates do you get them automatically on steam? i have been knee deep in work and stuff so haven't...
  9. Doogerie

    your first uplode

    how did you feel the first time you uploded your work for people to try? I just updated my project yesterday as a demo. I still have a lot to do and I am freeking out what if peopl hate everything about it? I am a littel nervous i really worked hard onit and i love what i have come up with...
  10. Doogerie

    Elmental stones

    Hi guys i can finally give you a demo of my game Elemental stones. It's still in development so it's not perfect. I think there are one or two spelling errors. so what do you get in this early access  demo well you get the first map and the first bit of the main quest you don't get any side...
  11. Doogerie

    Trying to uplode a demo of my game.

    How do i attach my game demo do the people can try it and give me feedback it's well over the 4.88MB size that this forum limit's you too so how do you guys do it? (Mods sorry if this is in the wrong place I was not shore where to put it).
  12. Doogerie

    invisabel walls

    can someone help me I have a nice little game in the works :)however i have a  issue before I can give you guys a taste. my characters tend to walk over water and on the houses obviously this is not perfect is there a way to build invisible walls or to stop them walking on prohibited areas? thanks
  13. Doogerie

    Add an enemy

    So in my game i have created a thing called a poison wasp using the default wasp and changing the hue to make it green and giving it apij  attack how do I get it from the database in to the enemy roster? thanks for your help
  14. Doogerie

    Horror pack

    I was wonering if anyone would like to make a horror pack with I kind of height fa tansy look or somthing.
  15. Doogerie

    I don't know if this is possabel

    I was thinking is there a way to get animated mist or steam I think it could add somthing to a lot of games.
  16. Doogerie

    Change game name

    Is there a way to change the name of your game on the start up screen I have a project called heros and it don't fit the game o have a much better name for it is there a way to change the name ?
  17. Doogerie

    Hobbies and free time?

    So I was just wondering when you guys are not on RPG maker what do you do? I spend time with my family I also ski and swim now my Job is a littel odd I am a Socal media maniger for a company in Newbury also test some of there probes I also work for a soft where company that produce programs for...
  18. Doogerie

    S stupd question about DLC

    I was crusing through my local files today and decided to take a look at my DLC fike i noticed that a lot of the DLC doses not show up in the program do i need to put it in maually or am I missing somthing obvious?
  19. Doogerie

    Star Wars

    I was jsut wondering if anyine as considerd maping a not for profit star wars pack I know it's all copyrighted but I am shoure if toy contacted Disany (as they hold the IP) and ask for the wright to use it, it shoud be ok don't you think?
  20. Doogerie

    Changes on the title screen

    Hay guys I was wondering how do I change the image on the background of the tital screen?

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