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  1. Wirtle

    How do you use a mack sprite in vx ace?

    Hi there. I created a sprite using but when I go ahead and use him in VX Ace it looks a little something like this:  Also when he moves, he moves quite slowly and does not feel free flowing at all. Is there any way to change this?
  2. Wirtle

    Tall character sprites and epic battle system

    Hi there everyone, I haven't been on the forums in quite a while and have been away from RPG Maker VX Ace even longer. I have recently gotten back into it and am kind of stuck. I really want to make a some-what realistic game with tall character sprites that have motion when they move and a...
  3. Wirtle

    Filed to Compress Game Data

    So I made a quick little game and I'm now trying to compress the game and put it on mediafire so people can download my game. Every time I go to compress the game to my desktop it goes through the loading bar. When it finishes this window pops up:  Is there anything I' doing wrong here? or is...
  4. Wirtle

    Lighting issue

    Hello there, I'm tryin to make an event in which the lighting of the room is normal and then once someone says something the lights fade to dark. I am using the Khas Awesome Light Effects script and graphics. This is the event that makes the room normal brightness: This is the event in which...
  5. Wirtle

    Unlocking a door with a dropped key

    Hello there, I am trying to make an event in which you defeat an enemy and he drops a key. You pick up the key and go to a locked door and the door will now open because you can now unlock it. I have already created the key and made it successfully drop from theenemy. Now all I need is a way to...
  6. Wirtle

    Character help

    Hi there, I put a few sprites into my character folder in hopes that I could use them to make enemies look different in my game. However when I make a new event and select the graphic I want to use it only lets me part of the graphic and not the whole thing. Is there any way I can fix this? I...
  7. Wirtle

    Looking for title screen and cutscene artists/animators

    Hi there, I am working on a non-profit game called "Chased by Mario". It's an epic medieval/sci-fi game about three scientists who pioneer in a new field of science regarding reality. They travel to "The forbidden world" which Mario is laying seige to. In order to save their own lives as well...
  8. Wirtle

    Putting a character in their place

    So I am trying to make an event in which one must talk to a certian character to get another character in a different map to say something different to you move once you talk to him afer you talk to that original certian character. Heres an example: Talk to Guy A. Guy B inherits new dialogue...
  9. Wirtle

    Music needed

    Hi there, I'm making my first ever RPG titled "Chased by Mario". Don't let the name fool you! Not only is it subject to change but the genre of the story is a mashup of Medieval/Sci-fi fantasy. Imagine Lord of the Rings meets Star-Trek. This is a rough outline of the story: Chased By Mario I...

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