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  1. Zameryth

    RMMZ Bookmarked (Modern RPG) [Touch the Stars Entry]

    Mari Ishida is a struggling college student until suddenly, her laptop stops working. Desperate to finish her essay, she buys a computer from a random woman in a parking lot. However, everything changes when Mari gets trapped in a virtual world based on a website she bookmarked. Now she must...
  2. Zameryth

    Hi everyone! I'm Aldu

    Hi, I'm Aldu. I used to go by the username drgn_lord50 on various RPG Maker communities. I've been using the RPG Maker engines since around 2004 and I recently came back to game development. I own 2003, XP, and Ace VX. However, my favorite version is RPG Maker 2003 because I love the limitations...

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Plus-size sprite continues! Front and back views done, or at least mostly there depending on if there's any more work you all think she needs. Once I get her done I can get working on her masculine counterpart:
My game is basically turning into a 2 on 2 fighting game disguised as an rpg lol. here's eveyone doing their own intro in battle.
Sizzle sizzle sizzle...
Sharing my past was a mistake. Will delete the post when I get access to a working internet connection again.
TFW you get a plugin working correctly with your other plugins ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

(CW for minor gore - Einar's Y incision is gone for his test portrait)


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