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  1. rekkatsu

    Sea creature/animals character set

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: XP Art Style: any Description: I'm looking for fish/squid/any sea creature character set. I've already found them but it's required to have RTP of VX/MV and I don't own both. If you found one or have one free please let me know! Thanks :LZSblush...
  2. rekkatsu

    current/next page button

    Is it just my eyes or..? Sometimes I like browsing some sub-forums and sometimes I can't differentiate current page and next page button ex: it's not that huge problem here I know but I don't see the monitor that close (+/-50 cm) :vxmegane: maybe you could light it up a bit? anyway I really...
  3. rekkatsu

    Key Item Event like The Witch House's

    I wonder is there any simpler method of key item event like The Witch House? I found the script but it's only for RMVX Ace and I'm trying to do it with eventing. I did it but it's only working with normal switches ("Key" is connected to common event, terrain tag and switches) However, I can...
  4. rekkatsu

    Rekkatsu's Artwork

    Hello! Here is my latest artwork. Feel free to comment and save but no repost without my credit. I don't draw very often recently because I have heavy artblock ;( Enjoy! :kaoluv: Thank you ~
  5. rekkatsu

    Hello, Rekka here

    Hi, I'm Rekkatsu! You can call me Rekka or Rekkatsu whatever you like. I love drawing especially anime and semi-realism style. You can see my portfolios here: DeviantArt / Pixiv Actually, I tried making a RPG maker game back then but it somehow abandoned because I'm more focused on my drawing...

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I've finished (most of) the sprites for two of my main characters, Ashlyn and Lizzabelle. And I've already drawn actual artwork of Lizzabelle and Suki months ago. I can't wait to show some of my stuff. I'm hesitant because their outfits aren't my own original design, which must be changed before I get too serious with this.
Heh, um. I've spent $1500~ so far for my game. Most of that went into purchasing some software I need, as well as some commissions. But still, I didn't realize I had spent so much since the beginning of October.

Do not trust me with money, lol.
Working on my first ideas for a tileset... I really don't know if anyone would like or even want my style.

Plus-size sprite continues! Front and back views done, or at least mostly there depending on if there's any more work you all think she needs. Once I get her done I can get working on her masculine counterpart:
My game is basically turning into a 2 on 2 fighting game disguised as an rpg lol. here's eveyone doing their own intro in battle.

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