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  1. Aussieportal

    Stick in the mouth Generator Part

    Hello all. Aussieportal here. I've been making characters up for my little project, and I'm looking for parts in a generator. Specifically, one where there is a blade of grass or a twig in the mouth of the character. Is there a particular resource that has this? I've looked through the...
  2. Aussieportal

    Orange Region Names

    This is good. But can I make it so that the region names are specific to their allocated map rather than have one giant list to use on all my maps.
  3. Aussieportal

    Nanokan VX/Ace Stuff

    Nice looking tiles. Keep up the fantastic work.
  4. Aussieportal

    Down Under greeting from Newportal

    Hello all My name is newportal. I've been working on a project of mine since July last year when I officially purchased RPG Maker Ace. Progress is slow, as I'm a coder by trade - learning how to code in ruby and learning how to photoshop mainly to get things how to look alright. Though it might...

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