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  1. JosephG

    Conditional Choices in RPG Maker MZ?

    Could anyone point me to a plugin, script or idea on how to get conditional choices working in RPG Maker MZ? I just need a simple way of saying: Choice A: Say Hi Choice B: Say Bye Choice C: Slap in face (Condition, variable = 12345) There seems to be plugins for RPG Maker MV but not for MZ :(...
  2. JosephG

    Adding text/words to map/terrain (with a script, not images)

    Does anyone know how to add text/words to map/terrain (with a script, not images). I am not talking about the Map Names that appear when you enter a new region, but rather the ability to add text (like a decoration) on the map. I could then use this to do things like add titles to buildings...

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