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  1. TheWillardofOz

    In search of "Auron" style clothing generator parts

    Resource Type: Generator Parts (Clothing) Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: One of my main characters has a mysterious air about her, and I'd like for her cloak to cover her face so it is only visible from the middle of the nose (just below the eyes) down. For reference, Auron...
  2. TheWillardofOz

    Clean field skills window

    I'm trying to set up four skills that trigger common events and are used outside of battle exclusively. Right now I have the player diving through menus to get to them, so I've been looking for something quicker and cleaner. Yanfly's 'Map Select Skill' plugin works great for opening up a menu...
  3. TheWillardofOz

    Gamepad Configuration

    I've searched for hours for a plugin that allows me to configure a gamepad, but I haven't been able to find anything tangible. Everything I've found online shows people referencing Yanfly's GamepadConfig, but it looks as though the plugin got wiped from their website.
  4. TheWillardofOz

    Check item inventory for Skill Learn System

    Hi All! I'm rather new to RMMV and hit a roadblock. Using Yanfly's Skill Learn System I would like to have the skill show up in the list as "????" unless a specific item is in the inventory or learned, in which case it would show up normally. Is this possible or should I start looking at...

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