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  1. overlordmikey

    RMMZ Witch Quest: Let's Be Wicked

    The following is my idea for a game to toy with when I'm not working on Sweeping Love. Introducing - Witch Quest: Let's Be Wicked In a fantastical world there are certain woman who are born with the ability to tap into powerful magics normally only gifted to monsters and demons. These woman...
  2. overlordmikey

    RMMV I wanna check multiple variable data at once

    I think this is an array issue and I don't get arrays very well, but basically I want a conditional branch that checks to see if ONE of the events in a 9x9 radius (it's a bomb event) has a matching ID number (using variables). The long winded way to do this would be a conditional branch for...
  3. overlordmikey

    RMMV Yanfly Action Sequence Pack SumRndmDde Walk Character Battlers Conflict

    So I tested this and apparently enemies act... funny... when using the two (well 4 on Yanfly's End) scripts together. So for normal attack I put this in the notes. And it works fine... for the player characters. <setup action> perform start move user: target, center, 60, auto offset x -50 wait...
  4. overlordmikey

    RMMV Galv's Event Spawner not working with Script Calls

    So I was going to use Yanfly's Event Spawner to work my bomb event but Galv's Event Spawner allows you to spawn events on top of other ones so I decided to go with it, but it's not working to way I want. Galv.SPAWN.event(23,($gameVariables.value(4)),($gameVariables.value(5))); Should logically...
  5. overlordmikey

    A Bomb Event In MV in A certain Way

    (Note, I do not need help with bombs in battle or being used as items. They are not a normal item in this game.) And so I return after a day of experiments. Experimenting... with script calls!!! Let's start with what I have already learned (that is actually relevant to this bomb event) and why...
  6. overlordmikey

    Battle Events BEFORE choosing attacks

    I will not be made a fool of RPG Maker MV. :D As you can see in the video, I'm trying to make a skeleton of a tutorial battle with the help of Hime's Actor Battle Commands. The script is working great, but I ran into a snag. Turn 0 Runs as it says it will - before anything else, but other...
  7. overlordmikey

    Switching Characters with A Button Simply Not Working

    I'm using Yanfly's Button Common Events. So each character has a different Field Skill. Dropping Bombs (which I'll probably need help with in the future), Jumping, ect. But it's annoying to keep going to formation to change the lead so instead I figured a common event that changes the lead...
  8. overlordmikey

    Creating a Character Specific Map Ability: Sorcerer Ring

    So I was thinking that a good way to allow some creative puzzle solving would be to give each character a unique skill they use if you press a button on the map that activates a common event when they are in front(there are lots of plugins that allow this). For example, I have been working out...
  9. overlordmikey

    RMMZ Game Concept: There Will Come Soft Rains, The Story of Petite Christie (Working Title)

    There Will Come Soft Rains, The Story of Petite Christie (Working Title) The following is a game concept I have had rattling in my head for awhile. I'm not working on it at the moment as it would require completely original art and skill I do not possess yet. Everything listed is subject to...
  10. overlordmikey

    Emulating "Improving Key Items With Common Events" in MV

    I am referring to this tutorial. Now I actually own MZ, but my brother and business partner does not so our current game is in MV not bashing MV I promise. Obviously MV doesn't have the last option in game data. Now I am assuming I can emulate the last item used by creating a series of common...
  11. overlordmikey

    Can I get some Recommended RPG Maker MV tutorial Videos

    Exactly as it says. Any and all subjects (mapping would be nice though). My brother and I will be meeting up this weekend and I wanted us to watch some to better educate ourselves.
  12. overlordmikey

    "Walking Battle" Friendly Animations

    I'm using walking sprite battlers and thought it would be cool to have the battle animations match. Obviously you MUST own MV to use these. All I've done is put them into animation friendly set ups. You don't have to credit me - you can if you want - in which case credit "BroCoG" mine...
  13. overlordmikey

    RMMV Yanfly's Base Parameter Control and messing with HP/MP?

    I'm using Yanfly's Base Parameters Control and for some reason things are going wrong and I need to understand what because this is a big part of how sweeping love decides certain stats. Okay let's say a characters base stats are 25 HP and they gain a small portion of their ATK, DEF, and AGI...
  14. overlordmikey

    How do YOU make Luck relevant?

    This post is one part asking about it and one part discussing it. Basically just what it says. For example - in our current game "Sweeping Love" luck effects a few things outside of the norm. -Luck is one of the three stats that decide max MP. (M.Attack, M.Def, Luck) -Crit Rate, Evasion, and...
  15. overlordmikey

    RMMV Galv Visibility Range Not Working At All

    Galv's Visibility Range Plugin isn't working at all. I replicated it exactly as shown in the demo. Right down to using the same variable number. Neither work at all. I even took the picture directly from the demo. I have no idea what's going on. This is for my Haroldverse game jam game. If...
  16. overlordmikey

    Keeping Magic and Skills Relevant

    So I'm in charge of battles in BroCoG's recent project. If it's related to battle I'm in charge of it. I've decided on smaller more classic numbers for stats. 999 Max HP, 99 Max for other stats. So I've been trying to think of how I can keep magic spells and skills relevant without relying...
  17. overlordmikey

    RMMV Two (Three?) Issues with SumRndmDde's Walk Character Battlers

    So I've been using SumRndmDde's Walk Character Battlers and I'm having two (technically 3) issues with the plugin. One just started seemingly out of no where. Peggy and Brutus just don't show up sometimes. This wasn't an issue before I added a new sprite into the characters folder and...
  18. overlordmikey

    Icon (and MAYBE Animations?)

    Resource Type: Icons (and "technically" Animations) Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I need is an icon of a cleaning supply for a weapon - a feather duster, a broom, ect. it doesn't really matter as long as it gets the concept across that the character is using cleaning supplies...
  19. overlordmikey

    Does this look bad? (I don't know where to post this)

    Not sure where this would go so General Discussion seemed like a good default. Please move this to where it should belong. So I'm fiddling with the menu system colors for our latest game project to present an idea to my brother. I kinda wanted a more pastel look with a pink outline and theme...
  20. overlordmikey

    How do you go about deciding Stats (Players/Enemies)

    It's something that's been on my mind so I thought I'd get people's takes on it. There doesn't really seem to be a right way to do this so it's nice to hear from others. One way I've tried to create a way of "balancing" stats is to pick a base number like hypothetically "200" and then disperse...

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