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    Actors Friendship System

    Hello guys! Is there any way to remove a skill if Friendship Level goes under a treshold? For example, in my Project all actors with Friendship Level >= 3 gain a passive skill (called "Loyalty") witch gives 3% Def and M.Def boost. If an actor loses FP and downgrades to Friendship Leve 2, how...
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    Equip Skill System

    Hello Guys! I've started using this amazing plugin just today and all works perfectly on my game... but... the game doesn't display anymore the message "Ability X learned!" when a character learns a skill by leveling up. Not totally sure if this is connected with the Equip Skill System, but it...
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    Equipment Learning

    Hello Guys! I was trying this plugin creating an unique armor witch allows my actors to learn a skill. I can equip it by pressing on "Optimize Equip", but i can't equip it manually: when i check the armor in the equip menu the game crashes and i get this message: "Cannot read property 19 of...

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