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  1. DrinkableTrees

    No Game Over?

    For reference for anyone who doesn't want to use a plugin, if you simply want someone to have a game over being they get teleported to another area, you can set the win conditions for the battle so that they are "able" to lose. That way, when they lose, you can transfer them to another area and...
  2. DrinkableTrees

    Oh wow, didn't expect quite the amount of birthday wishes I got on here. Thank~!

    Oh wow, didn't expect quite the amount of birthday wishes I got on here. Thank~!
  3. DrinkableTrees

    Today I turned 18 ^w^. woo~

    Today I turned 18 ^w^. woo~
  4. DrinkableTrees

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    Thank you once again Kes! :)
  5. DrinkableTrees

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    It was another group that doesn't hold any allegiances to the country Aiello is from. The group is hardly designed yet and this is temporarily purposeful so that the building of Aiello and the history of that little lost town in the mountains is malleable. Hey Kes, I just read through that...
  6. DrinkableTrees

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    EXCELLENT idea. I had heard of first responder PTSD before too! It'll be an interesting topic to reindulge in the research of.
  7. DrinkableTrees

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    This is all super useful information, regarding why I came to this forum first is because I primarily wanted to see if people could reflect it from an RPG game perspective. I definitely hope to make every party member (as well as the protag) feel real and relatable. This is pretty central to...
  8. DrinkableTrees

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    I am so fortunate to get an opinion from someone who actually knows a thing or two about the background I'm laying out! Thanks for replying! As to your criticism, this is super insightful! Do you think that it could work best that he stayed with the people as he followed them inquisitively to...
  9. DrinkableTrees

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    My game has very large side mechanics that involve picking up new party members along your journey and choosing who you travel with. You'll get opportunities to appeal to certain active party members through dialogue/actions/choices and will increase a variable with each called "bond". At...
  10. DrinkableTrees

    After seeing you around the forums I had purchased Undefeated (Deluxe+Guide) and A Timely...

    After seeing you around the forums I had purchased Undefeated (Deluxe+Guide) and A Timely Intervention! I'm curious what part to play you had in these projects as they were linked in your profile! That, and do you know if there's any continuation planned for the world of Undefeated? ^-^; thanks!
  11. DrinkableTrees

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Project W.I.T.C.H.

    I'm playing through this right away! I'll keep this comment updated as I play through with comments and criticism. The characters all seem very likable with easily identifiable personalities. Their designs are all well crafted and unique (even if I were to silhouette their figures, you could...
  12. DrinkableTrees

    A few anthro pieces by KlausAidon

    Or if anybody has the download on their drives they can share to the thread?
  13. DrinkableTrees

    RMMV Adventure Phantasy Saga

    I'm pretty gosh darned jealous. I dislike designing cave dungeons/routes because it's pretty tricky to make each one feel entirely unique (in my opinion). The name and maps looks very good!
  14. DrinkableTrees

    Conditional Branch for Item Requirement.

    ^ Thank you @JamesRyan and @Andar !
  15. DrinkableTrees

    Conditional Branch for Item Requirement.

    I've heard about people commonly using variables to track how much of a number of items they current have on them. How would i make sure the variable is kept up to the number of Downs on me without having to go through the game and add "+1" for everytime the player gains a Pheonix Down? EDIT...
  16. DrinkableTrees

    change class doesnt change traits

    Are you also applying the traits to the actor outside of the class traits? I had run into the problem before where I had allowed a Cleric to use Bows aswell as the actor that was the cleric. I later removed this but she retained the ability. I ended up finding that the actor still had the trait...
  17. DrinkableTrees

    Can NPCs fight each other when not in battle mode

    I definitely recommend making use of movement routes to control your events (remember that you only need 1 event to control multiple events and if you wish for your movement routes to run simultaneous, uncheck the "wait for completion" option on the first chronological movement route. I...
  18. DrinkableTrees

    Conditional Branch for Item Requirement.

    Hey RMMV community! I've been playing with a new conditional branch absolutely necessary for certain mechanics of my game and it doesn't seem to be processing well. The source of where I found this script was here: I've...
  19. DrinkableTrees

    No experience.

    I feel that a large portion of the appeal of an RPG is the idea of progression. EXP systems are engraved into our minds regarding RPG systems that the absence of it might mislead the type of game you're trying to get across. Rewarding the player at milestone points as opposed to EXP Progression...
  20. DrinkableTrees

    Emotion And Writing of games

    I personally really enjoy dialoguing and overall scripting for my game. 1) Make them realistic. Noone likes a Mary/Gary Sue. Allow your characters to have flaws. They may ride on tropes but don't base their entire development and character off of the trope. I like to attach NPCs and PCs to...

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