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  1. MrGameDev

    Come check out my new in dev game How to fight! Page on game jolt! ...

    Come check out my new in dev game How to fight! Page on game jolt!
  2. MrGameDev

    Can't play test my game

    Everytime I try to play test my game that I made it always shows up saying Failed to create process I don't know if it is because I screwed with the files of my game or I deleted an important file. Please help.
  3. MrGameDev

    Is it possible?

    ok thanks for the help everyone i figured it out
  4. MrGameDev

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    @ksjp17 oh sorry i didn't know
  5. MrGameDev

    Event System Support (expert users only)

    i was wondering if there was a possible way to make a person/event disapear so you cannot acess it a second time because in my game i am making i need it
  6. MrGameDev

    Is it possible?

    i was wondering if you could make an event dissapear after the event has ended cause my game that i am working on needs that

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Just lost about half a day's worth of work because rpg maker crashed during playtesting and corrupted my file :kaolivid:
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AABS laser beams features:
1,Shoot penetrating laser beams for player's normal attack
2,Beam's width/damage/comsumes/loot can be controlled by events/variables with great flexibility
3,Beam can rebound to walls or certain regionID
4,Can play SE when shooting beams
5,Beam's images can be solid images or animated ones.

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