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  1. Dragonkissed

    I'm looking for Different Runes/Runic Writing for MV Please.

    I've spent the last few days looking for Runes/Runic Writing Tiles and Icons. I've found a total of 1 set of Icons that are runes, but I haven't been able to use them with the Sakan Tileset Builder. I'm looking for a few things that revolve around Runes/Runic Language for use in RMMV. This is...
  2. Dragonkissed

    Which tiles are which?

    So I'm feeling very stupid right now, but I'm going to ask anyway... I've been having some slightly frustration issues with tiles. I'm sure I'm the only idiot that will ever ask this, but is there a way to have the tiles show if they are Floor/Wall/Ceiling when you are making a map? Like set...
  3. Dragonkissed

    I'm a Gamer who's new to RPG Maker

    Hello Everyone, Since I'm new I figured I should post something to introduce myself. I'm 29 years old, I'm a Gemini, and I live in NJ. For online purposes most of my friends call me "Dragon" or "Dragonkiss" but for some reason it wouldn't let me use my standard "Dragonkiss" so I used my...

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All new MZ Weather & Title updates are also RETRO'able for MV! Updated RETRO project will be released on same day I'll release updated MZ demo -project!

Just lost about half a day's worth of work because rpg maker crashed during playtesting and corrupted my file :kaolivid:
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AABS laser beams features:
1,Shoot penetrating laser beams for player's normal attack
2,Beam's width/damage/comsumes/loot can be controlled by events/variables with great flexibility
3,Beam can rebound to walls or certain regionID
4,Can play SE when shooting beams
5,Beam's images can be solid images or animated ones.

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