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  1. DrinkableTrees

    Conditional Branch for Item Requirement.

    Hey RMMV community! I've been playing with a new conditional branch absolutely necessary for certain mechanics of my game and it doesn't seem to be processing well. The source of where I found this script was here: I've...
  2. DrinkableTrees

    Tilesets not aligning properly.

    I have attached 2 screenshots that show a tileset that has not been aligned correctly to the game. They are both meant for E but for problems like this, I cannot seem to find a proper fix.. One has aligned correctly and the other has not. They are both 768x768. Thank you for your consideration...
  3. DrinkableTrees

    Simple Common Event not appearing in conversation.

    Hey RPG MAKER Forums! I seem to be undergoing a really simple problem that I can't seem to wrap my head around. I'd really appreciate any secondhand input y'all have to offer! :) So, I have attached two images of two common events I have set up. Through many points in the game (be it through...
  4. DrinkableTrees

    Hello World! Happy to join the community.

    Salutations! I'm DrinkableTrees. I've been meddling with RPG Maker MV for the past few weeks and have been having a blast working on a passion project with my girlfriend. Of course, I'm currently just using the placeholder name of "Hello World!" while I undergo development. I've been interesting...

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AABS laser beams features:
1,Shoot penetrating laser beams for player's normal attack
2,Beam's width/damage/comsumes/loot can be controlled by events/variables with great flexibility
3,Beam can rebound to walls or certain regionID
4,Can play SE when shooting beams
5,Beam's images can be solid images or animated ones.

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