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  1. taistelusopuli

    A Composer Out of Ideas?

    Look no further! Here is something small I made with Excel today :) This is an app concept. It gives a challenge or a mission to compose a piece of music with certain attributes. All feedback is welcome! I want...
  2. taistelusopuli

    Composers & Musicians! What would you like to learn?

    Heyo! Me and a friend of mine are going to create collections of tutorials/courses regarding composing. Tomorrow we are going to shoot a orienting course about mind sets and some philosophies that us composers should think about. Then we'll produce a course on what is needed to start...
  3. taistelusopuli

    [CLOSED] Free music deal ended.

    MODERATORS remove topic. Thank you! :)
  4. taistelusopuli

    Something that I've been wanting to try alongside composing music, mixing

    Yes, I guess my signature and title give me away as a composer. Alongside that there is something that I've been wanting to do for a while now. Mix music for others! I've been mixing my own music like most composers do until they hire someone else to do the job. So here goes nothing! Those who...
  5. taistelusopuli

    Composing Competition

    First, this should be the right place to post about this but if it is not, I'd like to be corrected!  ;) So, I have been tossing this idea in my mind for a while now. This goes to all my fellow composers on this forum. I wish to conduct a competition pilot here on the RPG Maker forum for all...
  6. taistelusopuli

    A Composer Is Looking for Requests!

    G'day! The name is Markus Lappalainen and I am a Finnish composer. Since the beginning of 2014 I have pursued a professional career in music composition. Please refer to the latest post for current up-dates. Godspeed!

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