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  1. Cephalophane

    Capture Enemies

    Will this work at all without Yanfly Battle Core?
  2. Cephalophane

    More Character Frames

    Is there a reason that this shouldn't be compatible with events using walking animations, or is that an accident? I've been using this plugin for a while to quite happily put idling NPCs on the map, but if I try to make the event move, I get 'ReferenceError: bitmap is not defined' and the game...
  3. Cephalophane

    Hover Alerts

  4. Cephalophane

    Manage Dashing

    Can this be used to make dashing always-on? My game relies on it, and I would like it to be on by default, without the option to turn it off again.
  5. Cephalophane

    Camera Control Plugin by Tyruswoo

    Very nice! This does everything I want and more. Thanks for finding my request and letting me know about it!
  6. Cephalophane

    Simple Camera Control

    This is perfect — it solves many problems that I was having. Thank you!
  7. Cephalophane

    New! Detailed Shop

    It was enabled and still wasn't showing up.
  8. Cephalophane

    New! Detailed Shop

    No sign of the shopkeeper for me regardless of what settings I have in the X and Y adjusts and it seems like this script will allow you to purchase items even if you don't have any gold. I had 0G and managed to buy 9 magic waters one-by-one. I really like this idea though, and it looks great.
  9. Cephalophane

    Skill Shop

    This is a really useful plugin, thank you Yami! I'm looking forward to being able to hide skills from characters who can't buy them.
  10. Cephalophane

    Simple Camera Control

    I'm simply looking for a plugin that would allow me to turn camera movement off (and on again later). My game is widescreen and it is sometimes awkwards on small maps when you can move the camera by only one-square. I think that there are similar scripts for the older versions. Thank you for...
  11. Cephalophane

    The Long Road - New Alpha Released! (Updated 2/9/2016)

    I like it. The concept is cute and the graphics are neat. I'd definitely be interested in playing it. The best feedback I could give re: the graphic style is this: the outdoor set ought to look more like the indoor set — simpler and with fewer colours. The pixelation on the fence for example...
  12. Cephalophane

    Kaus Ultimate Overlay v1.11 NEW: Added Sprite Fixes Snippet Plugin

    I was waiting for something like this. I haven't tried it out yet, but thank you so much. My world map has been so dull without moving clouds.
  13. Cephalophane

    Bind Pictures To Map

    This plugin has been incredibly useful to me — thank you! Are you still considering the folder system?
  14. Cephalophane

    Bind Pictures To Map

    Actually, that sounds amazing. With the way I'm developing my game that'd make life a million (and a half) times easier.
  15. Cephalophane

    Bind Pictures To Map

    Yeah, I have been using this to do parallax mapping, and while it works very well, I was confused when I ran into that problem. At the moment my solution is just to have the transport event also kill all of the pictures on the map (or at least the surplus ones), and that has been working. I am...
  16. Cephalophane

    Bind Pictures To Map

    So, if we move from a map with 3 pictures [Map 1] to a map with 2 pictures [Map 2], we must manually Erase Picture 3 in order to prevent it from showing on Map 2?
  17. Cephalophane

    Weapon Sprites Enhanced

    It's much better now, thank you, but it's still slightly out of time. Since you have given us the option to change the speed ourselves I will probably just do that, but I thought I'd let you know anyway! Update: I have it set to 12, which is as close as I can get, but there the sword is still...
  18. Cephalophane

    Weapon Sprites Enhanced

    Weapon Size works wonders — thank you! For some reason, though, the weapon is about half a frame out of time with the battler's animation. I suppose it has something to do with Yanfly Core/Battle, but I can't figure out what. Maybe I've just done something wrong.
  19. Cephalophane

    Weapon Sprites Enhanced

    Great script. So the idea is that this will eventually accommodate larger image sizes? My actors are twice the regular size, so naturally to make weapons large enough to fit them I will need to double the size of the weapon template as well. I thought that MV would natively support this (you...
  20. Cephalophane

    Change Tile Size

    Right, right. That makes sense. Thank you very much for taking the time to help out. I'll edit the post with results. Flawlessly, cheers.

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