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  1. MrPepeLover44

    RMMV How can I change System sounds mid-game?

    Hello there, I'm making a game where you play as 3 different characters depending on a choice, and I wanted to give them each a different feel and look. I have a plugin to change the window skins, and I got one that changed the system sounds with plugin commands on the Steam Workshop (it's not...
  2. MrPepeLover44

    RMMV Video before title screen

    Hello there, I'm making a game that is composed of 3 chapters, each can be played in any order but I wanted to do a chapter selection on the title screen. I have something pictured, I want it to be like those new COD titles where there's a looping video, it says "Press any button to start", you...

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I am once again escalating in the kitchen. I might or might not be 4 types of cookies into baking and not finished...
Today is a great day!
A bust of my character, Lizzabelle, that I put together in GIMP. I combined the RMMZ generated face with my actual illustration of her. This is just me experimenting with busts. I don't really want to use busts in dialogue, but perhaps in the character menu.

How many people actually like action commands? (Which is pressing a button at the right time during an attack to deal more damage.)
It is a curse and a blessing getting better at javascript after each plugin... Now I am considering changing two previous plugins completely, and they're not small plugins either -.-' Not to mention that I'll add more features... This is why I never manage to release a game, I just keep updating everything I've already done :p

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