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  1. RMMZ Issues with VS Spawn event from event template

    Hi, fellow makers: I can't seem to use the spawn event properly. Can someone please enlighten me? Event source (template) Map: 001 Event: 053 Name: Erina template Target map: 030 Target X-coordinate: 2 Target Y-coordinate: 2 I event set up a switch to track whether the spawn is successful...
  2. Display pictures ON MAP (not on screen) based on variables?

    Dear fellow makers: How do I display pictures ON MAP (not on screen) based on variables? Situation: Different characters will appear at different parts of the map based on the time of the day (variables). I've tried to do it using different methods but the results are not good. Method 1: -...
  3. Clickable animated picture?

    Hi: Is there any way to create a clickable animated picture? Please find enclosed my screenshot. I was able to: 1) Create a picture of a phone on the lower-left of the screen. 2) When user clicks on it, it'll call a common event and open up the phone menu. My questions: 1) How do I add...
  4. Mass click X when importing new tilesheets

    Hi: Just wondering whether there's any way to mass click X when importing new tilesheets? I've been doing it manually and it's pain, especially when I just purchased like 10 new tilesets... Thank you all.
  5. Experience with VisuStella Character generator with RTP assets?

    Hi, everyone: I'm curious as to whether anyone has used VisuStella Character generator with RTP assets? If you do, could you please post a few screenshots so I can see how they fit together? I currently already have a generator for bust images. I am tempted to buy the VS character generator...
  6. RMMZ Calling a common event from menu

    Hi: I ran into the following problem: I'm using the VS sample project. Inside, they have a VS crystal, that opens up the following menu. I thought it was a brilliant idea and I want to use it for fast travelling, so players don't have to run across the maps. Q1: However, I can't seem to...
  7. How to create hidden passage?

    Hi: I wanted to try this new map idea where the player can walk under the building column. How do I achieve this? - I don't want to change passability of the tiles cuz I use the same tiles and tilesets on other maps, so this will create other problems down the road. - I tried the VZ Event...
  8. RMMZ Show cursor X and Y coordinates during debug?

    Hi, all: I'm wondering is there's any way I can show cursor X&Y coordinates during debug? I currently use SRD's HUD to display variables, which is very helpful. I wonder whether there's something to display cursor X & Y, so I won't have to guess when I tinker with Show Picture commands. Thank...
  9. Need 1) blinking sprite for events 2) entrance indicator (flashing circle). Thank you.

    Hi: I'm wondering whether anyone has something similar to these? 1) A blinking sprite that tells players where to perform certain actions. 2) A growing/shrinking circle that contains other icons in the middle. BTW, how was 2) done? I thought we can't stack events on top of each other? I...
  10. RMMZ I use Javascript to set up screen tint. How do I add a duration?

    Hi: Here is the code: $gameScreen.startTint([$gameVariables.value(213), $gameVariables.value(214), $gameVariables.value(215), $gameVariables.value(216)], 1) My question is, how do I add the duration like the function that comes within the editor? Thank you.
  11. How to prevent continuous clicking a button that calls a comment event?

    Hi, everyone: In my current project, I have set up an action point (AP) system and a time slice (TS) system. The day is separated into Morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Upon clicking the blue arrow, the player would be taken to the next time slice (TS). Here is the problem, I noticed...

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