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  1. RhysO101

    A Plugin that make each group receive a different amount of damage from a skill?

    I would like one of my enemies to have an explosion attack which instantly kills them while dealing some damage to the allies without instantly killing them. Is there a plugin out there that does this job?
  2. RhysO101

    Has Anyone Seen An MV Modern World Tileset with Single Tile Buildings?

    I'm looking for tilesets with modern buildings in their own tile, on their town. I'm wanting the building compacted into one tile. I need one for a little personal project.
  3. RhysO101

    I prefer how VX Ace projects started to MV's.

    MV has less items, skills and enemies to use from the start. In VX Ace, you can just place the enemies into your world when you didn't have many ideas because there were a pile of them to work with, it was even better in 2003. There were tons of skills in Ace as well, MV just has the basics. I...
  4. RhysO101

    A speedboat for MV?

    My game is to be set in some sort of post-apocalyptic future and I would like a modern speedboat or motorboat thingy for my Boat vehicle. As always I'd really appreciate that. I would also be cool if you can make other variations with different colors. And sorry if you're confused at what...
  5. RhysO101

    Can someone tell me how to add Generator Parts to RMMV?

    I'm trying to add Bokou's Voodoo parts to the Male folder but when I have activated them in the Generator they don't show up on the character! Is there something I'm missing here.
  6. RhysO101

    Is anyone working on any ABSs for RMMV?

    I have tried a few ABS from VX Ace and I wonder how hard it would be to make something like this in Javascript. I would love to see something similar to Falcon Pearl ABS in RMMV.
  7. RhysO101

    Any one got problems with the 'Open Folder' thing?

    I don't know how to compare the Open Folder mechanic in RMMV. I guess it replaces the Resource Manager from the previous RM installments. One problem with it is the fact it doesn't have the cool Transparency thing which allows me to choose which color is transparent or translucent. Does...
  8. RhysO101

    Bullet Hell ABS?

    I play RotMG (Realm of the Mad God (A bullet hell MMO)) frequently on Kongregate (because that's where I'm used to). I feel like making games with similar mechanics to that game. I basically want a shmup style action battle system including diagonal movement. How I would like it to work: 1...
  9. RhysO101

    Battler Attack Poses

    Sorry if I'm requesting too many scripts but... I want a script that makes a normal static battler have a seperate attack image. I'm not talking about Holder's Animated Battlers here. Basically, I want it so, you can use the enemy's notebox to add a note like this: <attackbattler: SlimeAtk>...
  10. RhysO101

    Different BGM for various troops?

    I'd like a script or somethin' that allows you to add a script call to a troop that instantly changes it's BGM. And if that's not possible, Why not make it so you can choose the troop number in the script and type in the BGM you want next to it. Like this: 01: battle1.mp3 02: battle2.mp3...
  11. RhysO101

    Beat em' Up Style Battle System?

    Hi, I would like a battle system with a beat em up feel to it. The actors on the left hand side and the enemies on the right hand side. You can move the main actor around the battle field using the arrow keys (Maybe the other actors can have AI) The enemies would really have AI, you can make...
  12. RhysO101

    No target option?

    I'm making a game, where each battle has only one enemy. When I attack the enemy, I want the game to instantly select that enemy, because there's no other enemies on screen. When I select a skill, it goes to target an enemy, so I have to double-tap to target the enemy. (I hope people understand...

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