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  1. Actor's level reset to 1 by condition (DIFFICULT SCRIPT PROBLEM)

    So ok I have kind of a mess on my hands this time, I have this script, What it does is when a specified Item is added or removed an actor is removed or added as well, what I need done is that when an actor is removed, his Level is set back to 1, BUT here is the curve ball, I am using TDS Stat...
  2. Random Enemies in each Troop

    So I know random enemy encounters is obviously an easy task, but in my case i have about 12 different enemies that I want to appear randomly in troops of 3 but I cant find any way other than putting each individual possible combination of enemies into troops, which is VERY time and data...
  3. Battle Test, Error??? Cache module line 88?

    So my game works fine, anything but the battle tester works fine, and I didnt do anything to effect one minute it was fine, and the next I recieved Script 'Cache' line 88 :NoMethodError occured Undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass Now im more of a designer than a programmer so the...
  4. Actor in Party Reliant on Item in Inventory

    I need help eventing or scripting this. I need a way to make a actor appear in party only if a designated item is in your inventory, so when you sell it or lose it, the actor is removed from party, help is much appreciated :) what would actually also help, if this is easier to script is a way...
  5. Crossover Fighter Card Collecting

    Crossover Collection           Gameplay Get ready to build and fight with the most iconic, popular, and powerful characters from various comic, anime, video game, movies and many more   Modes   Compete in tournaments and arena modes such as single battle, 4 vs 4, and rotation battle, also...
  6. Variable equal to party member 1's level

    I am trying to make a section that you can only pass if your first party members is level 5 or lower. But I need to learn how to set a variable to the party member 1's current Level Help is much appreciated
  7. Flip/Mirror Animations? HELP

    So my question pretains to the fact that I have used galv's animated battlers for my game, but realized after a week of work that in order for my setup to work, I would need to make 2 of EVERY Attack animation I have and make one from the enemies point of view and 1 from the players (if you can...

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