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  1. Galv's Visual Novel Choices

    Hey again Galv, hope you're keeping well o/ I have no idea if this is something that can be fixed via a script, but I thought I'd mention it in case it's pertinent! I tried deploying my project yesterday, checking the new(ish) option to "Exclude Unused Files." Unfortunately, the deployed game...
  2. Galv's Visual Novel Choices

    Sorry for the late response, life got in the way of game making for a bit :P Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fixes! Really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our requests, and being so prompt with the patches. The new version works great!! 
  3. Galv's Visual Novel Choices

    Since Ilan didn't reply I thought I'd give it a shot :) Made a new project with no plugins other than Galv Visual Novel Choices and Hime's Hidden Choice plugins, and the error still occurs.  Here's a screenshot of the off-center in game.  Here's the simple event window. (The plugin...
  4. Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    A little late but I really recommend Vlue's Quest Plugin. I have over 80 plugins so I didn't expect this to work at all, but surprise, it works perfectly. It's also really easy to use once I got a hold of a sample Quests.txt file, and it's so easy creating/editing quests through notepad than the...
  5. Galv's Visual Novel Choices

    I'm so excited! I've been refreshing this page like every hour since your last update xD I just added v1.1 to my project and both the disabled choice and message gap features work great! Thank you so much for the update. Something minor I was thinking of pointing out is that if a user also...
  6. Galv's Visual Novel Choices

    That would be really cool, thank you! That's the Disabled choice plugin, and there's a link in the first post to the other choice-related Plugins (including the ones that Ilan14 mentioned) like large choices, conditional choices etc too. Thank you so much for looking into it! Really...
  7. Galv's Visual Novel Choices

    This is SO pretty, and it seems to work with Hime's disabled choice plugin too, so that's great :P Just wondering if there would be any way to visually show disabled choices. I edited the VNButtons.png to include a grey background to indicate a disabled choice, but I don't think there's...
  8. Random Dialogue v1.03a

     This is pretty cool, can't wait to try it out! Just wanted to drop a comment that I was banging my head against the wall for a while trying to get the plugin to work. I used the plugin command indicated in the help file (RandomConversation getRandomMsg category topic faceset faceNum) and...
  9. Gameus' Quest System

    This looks like a really good plugin! I haven't gotten it yet cause I'm on a mac so the Quest Editor (presumedly) doesn't work. I don't suppose there are any plans to make a mac-compatible version? :P Or is the plugin useable / easy enough to manage without the help of the editor? o:
  10. Whtdragon's trees recolors

    These are seriously great! Love the recolors. I have no idea how I even managed to get so far in my game using the same trees over and over. Not anymore~! Any plans on doing trees for a different terrain? Say beach / desert trees or something, I was making a beach earlier and got pretty bored...
  11. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hey Yanfly, I'd like to report a possible bug. Plugin Name: Equip Requirements Error Message: None How to Replicate Bug: 1. Create a new project with no plugins other than Equip Core and Equip Requirements 2. Create an item with requirements, I used the basic sword with Atk > 20...
  12. Multi Timers

    Would this work for an open-world harvesting system? Say for example, I have hundreds of carrots spread over my maps that you can pick once every x days. I'd just have to use the 'self-switch off' plugin command to make them harvestable again? If yes, I have a couple of questions! 1. Will...
  13. Follower and Battle Member Options

    You're AMAZING, the update works perfectly for me! I'm not longer getting errors / crashes with everything enabled. I'll let you know if anything else happens! Thank you so much for the seriously fast response, I'm really happy to get to use this addon now :D  
  14. Follower and Battle Member Options

    I love this addon! Simple enough to use, and works really well. I made a chain of animals following me, so that was cute. Perhaps a suggestion is to have a toggle for the default showing/hiding of all actors, since having to use showfollower plugin commands for 100 actors can be a little...
  15. Orange HUD

    Wow, that's a seriously prompt response. Thank you! I do get a couple of errors actually! MVC not found, OrangeTimeSystem will be using essentials copied from M.V.C. 1.2.1 MVC not found, OrangeHud will be using essentials copied from M.V.C. 1.2.1 Nothing happens when I try to fun the...
  16. Orange HUD

    Hey Hudell, Thanks for your amazing with with Orange HUD and time systems! I was originally only looking for a plugin to automate day/night tints, but now I can't imagine working without everything else. I'm having the same issue with DarkSlayerEX from your Time System Variables thread...

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