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  1. MrPepeLover44

    How can I get the whole image to appear as the title image? It's zoomed in...

    You could try changing the screen resolution with the Community_Basic plugin or with Yanfly's Core Engine, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend that. That's weird though, you can change the image size in Paint to 816x624 (the default screen size) with a couple clicks, so you shouldn't have any...
  2. MrPepeLover44

    RMMV SuperToolsEngine and HudMaker - Can't select Hud Maker option when I pres F12

    It actually does, I have 1.6.2 and can use it just fine. Maybe just put them top of the plugins list? Something like this That works for me, should for you as well
  3. MrPepeLover44

    RMMV How can I change System sounds mid-game?

    Update: It worked perfectly, thank you very much ^^
  4. MrPepeLover44

    RMMV How can I change System sounds mid-game?

    Thanks for the offer, but I think I can manage with the script call for now. I'm guessing some kind of incompatibility, but it used to crash even way before I added a bazillion plugins onto my project Anyways, I'll give the script a try and tell you how it goes. Thanks for the help
  5. MrPepeLover44

    RMMV How can I change System sounds mid-game?

    Hello there, I'm making a game where you play as 3 different characters depending on a choice, and I wanted to give them each a different feel and look. I have a plugin to change the window skins, and I got one that changed the system sounds with plugin commands on the Steam Workshop (it's not...
  6. MrPepeLover44

    RMMV Video before title screen

    Yeah, that could work out. Man, if it was that simple I should have figured that out on my own lmao, thanks for the advice
  7. MrPepeLover44

    RMMV Video before title screen

    Hello there, I'm making a game that is composed of 3 chapters, each can be played in any order but I wanted to do a chapter selection on the title screen. I have something pictured, I want it to be like those new COD titles where there's a looping video, it says "Press any button to start", you...

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