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  1. Newquaza 96

    Show Enemy Stats, States & Buffs/Debuffs

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin that allows the player to visualize the enemy's stats, the states applied to it, and its buffs/debuffs during battle? I've been searching for a while now, but i haven't seen any results for MV specifically. To be specific, i'm looking for an option in the...
  2. Newquaza 96

    Set a Variable's value to a random number from 0 to the value of another Variable

    The question is basically all in the title, but i will explain the context in case there's a better way to do this that i am overlooking. For my project, i am using stat checks to determine the outcome of certain events: For example, when a boulder blocks the path, the player will have to choose...
  3. Newquaza 96

    Get party member n°x's actor ID and store it in a variable

    In my RPG Maker MV game, certain events require the player to choose one party member to interact with something. For that reason, i have managed to make a multiple choice system that checks for the number of alive party members and gives a number of choices based on that. (if all 4 party...
  4. Newquaza 96

    Spread Damage after Post-Damage Eval?

    I'm using Yanfly's Skill Core and Action Sequence Pack 1, 2 and 3 plugins. I'm trying to make an offensive skill that is single-target and does 2.5 times the damage of a normal attack and reduces the target's Defense. But, if the skill kills the target, then all remaining enemies will suffer...
  5. Newquaza 96

    Script call not working?

    Alright, so, this shouldn't be as much of a problem as it is, but i'm not great with scripting and i'm a little confused. I'm using the script call to Change Equipment of an actor, where both the actor and the equipment are decided by variables. The string of code looks like this: Where...
  6. Newquaza 96

    Automatic Row Push?

    I'm using Yanfly's Row Formation plugin, and my game features three rows: The front row, the middle row and the back row. The back row in particular cannot be targeted by most damaging skills, and here resides the problem. Since i'm experiencing problems with balancing the game to work with...
  7. Newquaza 96

    How to target one enemy in a specific row?

    I am using Yanfly's Row Formation and Target Core plugins. I want skill X to only be able to hit one enemy in the enemy's front-most row. I don't want to use the Taunt plugin to make this work, as i am afraid that it may screw up how the Taunt system will work in my game. I could really use some...
  8. Newquaza 96

    Target Row Restrictions?

    I am using Yanfly's "Row Formation" plugin. I want to determine which Rows of enemies each of my skills can target. For example, i want skill X to only be able to hit an enemy that is either in Row n°2 or Row n°3, but not an enemy that is in Row n°1 I am sure that there is a way to make this...
  9. Newquaza 96

    Multiple ways to unlock a class?

    I am using Yanfly's "Class Change Core" plugin. I want the "Great Knight" class to be unlocked for an actor if they reach level 20 in EITHER the Cavalier class OR the Knight class. So, for example: Actor X has only the Cavalier class, while Actor Y has only the Knight class. They both reach...
  10. Newquaza 96

    "Decimate-like" Skill?

    I want a skill to kill every enemy that is under 25% of their max HP, but do nothing (0 damage) if their HP is over that threshold. I believe that there's a formula for that, but i still haven't found one that works exactly how i want it to. If you guys know the skill "Decimate" from Bravely...
  11. Newquaza 96

    Various requests

    Greetings everyone. I have a couple of little script requests that i'm sure most of you guys can easily do. 1) I'm using Yanfly's FTB Battle System script (along with the CoreEngine and BattleEngine script), And i want to make so, when actor X is highlighted, their portrait shows up by the...
  12. Newquaza 96

    About one of my projects

    I don't really know how to start a topic... Basically what i'm trying to say is that i'm undecided: The general idea for the project i'm talking about is this: Roguelike RPG. This means that you start with a set of four random characters, that have no skills and no specific class. Their...
  13. Newquaza 96

    So uhm hi

    Uhhh... Hello. I have to say i'm actually surprised that there's an active forum about RPG Maker... Actually, the topic about "Yet Another RPG" led me here. And i'm glad it did. ANYWAY- I'm an italian guy (don't worry, i speak english no problem) with a passion for game design, programming and...

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