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  1. Platsch

    RMMZ Quicksand Plugin for MZ

    Hello who can make such a script for MZ? i think the plug-in is so great There was already one from Mr. Trivel for MV. MrTS_Quicksand I hope someone can help me thanks
  2. Platsch

    Pulling barrel/event problem

    If another actor follow me on a map: If i push a barrel away from the player - no problem If i push a barrel and the player go backward, the barrel dont move (follow) to the player. - problem If : Button (OK) is pressed Movement route : Player (skip)...
  3. Platsch

    need Horde Troopers sprites

    please, who can make a horde-trooper (She-Ra) character-set? for MV
  4. Platsch

    Platsch Stuff

    Terms Updates: 24.06.2016 first update 23.06.2020 last update Tiles Screenshot Face Characters and objects

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