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  1. Cubic

    Looking for Some Partners in Crime! (Mystery-RPG Recruitment)

    Heyo! I'm Brodie, I can do Pixel Art or GUI design :D Hmu on Discord if you still need help in these positions on the team - Database#0045
  2. Cubic

    How to download already purchased assets?

    I purchased some assets around a year ago, back when I had my old PC which sadly died. I want to use them for the game I am currently working on, how can I download them again?
  3. Cubic

    Difference between Self Switch and Normal Switch?

    Never learned the difference when I first started using Makers 5 years ago... this question just randomly popped in my head :/ Anyway, title says it all, what's the difference between Self Switch and a Normal Switch?
  4. Cubic

    Pausing a loop

    As you can see I have it running Parallel - but I need a buffer countdown.
  5. Cubic

    Hi there!

    Welcome to the fourm!
  6. Cubic

    How do i change the actions on the side bar in combat encounters?

    Just change the name in Terms & Types. 
  7. Cubic

    Pausing a loop

    I feel like a noob for not knowing this but oh well >.<  I have a loop going on, how do I add a pause, so the player can keep doing stuff but it takes X seconds for the loop to start again?
  8. Cubic

    MV MMO Dev Kit

    This thread is dead - mod should lock.
  9. Cubic


    OH! I didn't see the 24 Hour Jam part - haha, sorry lad. 
  10. Cubic


    I'll be honest - I was a bit hesitant to download the game when I saw it used stock assets - but I'm impressed! The story was incredibly unique, and felt a bit trippy, being that they were aware they were avatars (or at least the main character was) :-) 
  11. Cubic

    First Fantasy

    Moral Sytem?! I can be the bad guy?! 
  12. Cubic

    Futuristic Spaceships

    Thank you so much! I'll make sure to put you in the credits
  13. Cubic

    Futuristic Spaceships

    Thank you so much <3 
  14. Cubic

    Futuristic Spaceships

    Yeah, in a nutshell. 
  15. Cubic

    Futuristic Spaceships

    Character Set, and something that'd you see in a Futuristic space movie such as Star Wars or Star Trek 
  16. Cubic

    Futuristic Spaceships

    Hello there, I'm just searching for some Spaceships that I can use for free in my non-commercial game... Futuristic preferred, and MV would be preferred though I can make any other type work. Thanks in advance :-) (sorry for lack of details, I'm boarding a plane and wanted to get this out ASAP) 
  17. Cubic

    RMMV Afar the MMORPG

    Awesome  :D  Do you ever plan on adding this sort of stuff to your MV MMO Dev Kit? Assuming you're still planning on making updates for that.
  18. Cubic

    [RELEASED] LeTBS 0.4

    This looks terrific, keep up the great work!
  19. Cubic

    RMVXA No longer the Earth - Space horror - Demo available!

    Looks terrific. Like, amazing. Please tell me this is going on Steam!?
  20. Cubic

    Help i cant Download the Demo

    2 hours for 1GB, dang son. You running some 1980's wifi? Haha, just kidding.

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