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  1. James

    RMMV Siel Requiem (Demo)

    Sorry about that. I must have taken stuff away thinking they weren't used anywhere just before uploading it. I also forgot to turn off the spellchecker plugin. Dumb me. I've put up a new version in the OP with these things corrected.
  2. James

    RMMV Siel Requiem (Demo)

    Thanks! Thanks a lot! Good to know I'm on the right track. I'm still working on how the battle will work and look like, so I initially thought of not showing it yet, but there are some pics of it in the OP now.
  3. James

    RMMV Siel Requiem (Demo)

  4. James

    TF_LayeredMap.js You can walk around the tile!

    Just wanted to say that it doesn't work with 1.5.2, I made the tests in that and 1.6.1, where it works fine.
  5. James

    Wayward's MV Resources (Battlers/Sprites/Tiles) (update 211016: Generator Piece: Hijab)

    Those are really beautiful! I love their style and colors. Thanks for sharing.
  6. James

    Kauzz Tilesets - Free to use

    Your work is simple awesome, man. I don't usually come to these parts (I use MV) but I'm glad I did. Thanks for sharing these (BR <3)
  7. James

    ICF-Soft Params Core

    What I'm doing wrong? Also, is this plugin standalone? (The image show the pparam's config, the actor's notetag and a simple damage formula for testing)
  8. James

    Yanfly Script Calls/Note Tags

    Thank you so much. I've struggling with a formula for about a week and thanks to your sheet I was finally able to make it work!
  9. James

    ICF-Soft Params Core

    I can't seen to make it work :( I've put this on a actor's notetag: <PPARAMFLAT: bur 100> But it doesn't seem to work on damage formulas. I've also tried using your status menu plugin but the params doesn't seem to show there too. (I'm using RMMV 1.5.2)
  10. James

    Show non-learnable skills (YEP Skill Learn System)

    Thanks for this. I was already using Corniflex's skill learn system addon, but when I use the "Learn Require Skill" parameter, it still hides those skills (it only works with the "require level" parameter). Edit: Just found what I wanted in this thread...
  11. James

    Show non-learnable skills (YEP Skill Learn System)

    Hi there. I'm utilizing Yanfly's Skill Learn System, Class Change Core and Subclass to create something similar to a skill tree, where the skills the player choose to learn will open the possibility for him/her to learn other specific skills. But to do this, there's something I need: For the...
  12. James

    Strange_Dragon_99's Resources {UPDATED}

    Absolutely loved your work! Thank you so much for sharing those with us!
  13. James

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Hi, @Avery ! I absolutely love your icons! Your 24x24 iconset is just amazing and I'm very happy to be able to use it in my project. I'd like to make a request: Could you please make a 24x24 icon of leather strips? (Just like Skyrim's ones) Thanks!
  14. James

    Bis Style RTP

    Your work is absolutely beautiful and cute :)
  15. James

    Save issue

    When i playtest my game and try to save, i get the error "object too deep", as shown below: It doesn't happen everytime, but at random times at random maps, which makes it more difficult to trace the cause of it. Any idea why it happens?

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